Angel Prayers

The Angels would like to help you with every aspect of your life… You simply need to ask. The following Angel Prayers were given to me by The Angels for you and your family…

General Prayer to bring healing light and love to all:

“Dear God and Heavenly Father, I ask the Angels to carry Divine Light and Love to each and every Heart on Prince Edward Island today Thank you.

Prayer for healing addiction:


Dear God and Heavenly Father, I call upon Archangels Michael and Raphael to bring divine healing to (person’s name). I ask that they receive all of heaven’s help now to heal away all addictions, fears, and residual energies to addiction in all directions of time and space. Dissolve all cords which are no longer serving them and their divine life purpose now. Surround them with Heaven’s love and healing light and bring them to divine and perfect health in all ways now. Thank you.” 

Prayer for healing “Spiritual Shock” after the sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one:

“Dear God,I call upon Archangel Raphael to surround me in Divine Healing Light and Love now. I ask that this Angel stay with me night and day bringing Divine Healing to me and everyone involved in this situation (briefly describe it.) Please help me and guide me to Divine and Perfect Health now and always. Thank you.”

Prayer for Someone who’s just passed away:

Dear God, Please send many Angels to (place name here), as they make their most precious journey homeward. Sending you Love beyond all measure my friend. And to the family who remain behind, that they may be comforted by their Guardian Angels, and the many Earth Angels who will surround them now. Thank you.


Prayer to invoke Signs from you Deceased Love Ones:

“Dear God and Guardian Angels, please open my heart to receive all the signs from Heaven that my loved ones are doing well and are with me. Please show me signs in ways that I will truly recognize and understand. Thank you.”


Prayer to bring healing to yourself and a situation that you need support with. Surround yourself with Emerald Green Light in order to heal your heart, mind, body, and soul.Use this prayer of intention to work with Raphael:

“Dear God, I call upon Archangel Raphael now,to work with me and around me, bringing healing to me and my situation (describing it) now. Thank you.”


To help decrease loneliness, especially during the holidays:

Dear God, I call upon the archangel Jophiel to enter my heart, mind, body, and soul to relight the Divineness within me. I ask this angel to work with me daily over the next month to beautify and shift my thoughts, words, and actions into only loving and positive ones. I also ask the the archangel Raguel to step into my life and guide me to the most loving and caring relationships which are perfect for me in every way! Angels, please provide me with clear signs from heaven that I am never alone, and God please work with me so that I may clearly see, hear, feel, and recognize all of these divine signs without question.
I love, I am love, I am loved. And so it is. Thank you.


To get through the dark, winter months:

Dear God, I call upon your Divine golden healing light to permeate my heart, mind, body, and soul as I fully reconnect with nature today. Help me to breathe in clear rejuvenating fresh air, and guide me to spend more time outdoors over the next few days so that my energy may truly be restored to it’s Divine and natural state. Thank you.

To counteract stress and bring peace:

Dear God, I call upon archangel Chamuel to restore my feeling of peace on a deep cellular and spiritual level. I ask Chamuel to surround me throughout my day, to breathe for me, and to surround me with only loving and kind people and situations. At night, I ask this angel to wrap it’s wings around me so that my sleep may be peaceful and restorative.

Today, I am at peace, and so it is. Thank you.

To help someone in need:

“Dear God, through Your love and light, I send extra angels of love, healing, abundance, peace, and guidance to _______ now to help them for their highest and best good now.”

Prayer for daily peace:
Dear God, I call upon the archangel Chamuel to surround me in Divine peace now. I ask that this angel clear any and all thoughts and worries, from all directions of time and space,  which may be blocking my inner peacefulness immediately. I ask  Chamuel to surround me with only loving, kind, and peaceful people, places, and situations daily. Please fill me with only peaceful, loving thoughts through my day and permeate my heart, mind, body, and soul with Divine peace now. Thank you.

Prayer for an answer and/or solution to a life challenge:
Dear God, I call upon the archangel Uriel to work with me and my family now. I ask for your Divine help in the following situation (briefly describe) so that we all may be Divinely guided for our highest and best good always. Please show us signs that we will all easily recognize that we are on the right path as well as bringing us helpful people daily. Please assure a positive, light and love filled solution quickly and easily for all involved. Thank you.