Angelic Miracles

Angelic Miracles Happen!

LIFE IS PRECIOUS! Hang on, and take in everything that is so very wonderful in your life…even the challenging times, because guess what??? You have everything that you need to make it through to tomorrow! Some folks won’t have a tomorrow!

I live by this little motto. Sadly, not by choice though! I live with anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a life- long, life threatening allergy. If I get stung by a bee, wasp, or bitten by a black fly (YES, TRUE!!), my throat will swell instantly which closes off my airway leaving me unable to breathe and I need immediate medical attention. So, as to always be prepared, I carry two epi-pens, which are an automatic injecting needle of adrenaline, and some benydryl, which is supposed to help with the hives and swelling that accompanies a reaction. Every spring, I have to face my fears head on and live life as much as I possibly can. This is part of the reason why I purchased a convertible four years ago!

Last week, my daughter and I were enjoying a nice, slow paced morning while staying at our friend’s cottage on the North Shore of our beautiful Island. We decided to take a drive back to our house to run a few errands, so we headed to my car. As I walked to my car, I felt a sudden, but familiar burning on the tip of my toe. Once you’ve been stung by a wasp or bee, you never forget what it feels like. I knew instantly what I was experiencing, and wailed in total disbelief about what I knew I would experience next! I got to the safety of my car, calling all of the angels to my side immediately! I said, “Dear God and heavenly angels, help me now!” I managed to pull off my sandal, and saw the stinger on the side of my toe. I pulled it out immediately. I called to my daughter, and in my head I laid out the plan. You see, there is NO CELL PHONE SERVICE at the cottage. We still needed to drive five minutes down the cottage road before we’d receive any cell phone service. This was five minutes that I could not afford.

Both my daughter and I knew we were at least 15 minutes from the nearest hospital, but yet, neither of us knew where exactly the hospital was located. So here was our next 2 minute conversation:

“O.K. Anna, I’ve been stung by a wasp. You will have to drive me to the hospital immediately. If I pass out before we arrive at the end of the cottage road (which takes a good 5 minutes), you will need to use my cell phone to call 911 and have an ambulance meet us en route to the hospital. You may also need to inject the epi-pen into my leg if I’m not able to. As she was unfamiliar with the roads, I told her that to get to the hospital, turn left onto the main road, keep driving and take your second right, and this road will take you behind the big stone church. From there, you will need to call on the angels to guide you to the hospital because I may not be conscious by then. And, I don’t know where the hospital is either. Just trust in the angels guidance! They will help!”

I reached into my purse, and grabbed my two epi-pens and benydryl. I took the benydryl immediately, and checked my symptoms. I could feel the swelling entering my foot, but my throat still felt good. I had the epi-pen at the ready just in case. I knew that my panic would increase my heart rate and bring the poison into my system faster, so I called on Archangel Raphael’s help, and the healing energy of Reiki to calm myself and slow my heart rate. I asked the angels to breathe for me. I activated the healing of Reiki. I closed my eyes, and connected with all of the healing energy from the universe and with each breath, I took the healing energy into my body and channelled it into my foot by placing my hands over the swollen areas. I also asked Archangel Michael to assist my daughter in driving the car, as I knew that because time was of an essence, the car would be travelling a little faster than normal.

Obviously I’m here today…again…thank you God and angels for all of your assistance! I received a miracle! We arrived at the hospital 15 minutes later. I was taken immediately into observation, and kept a very close eye on for the next 1 1/2 hours. I did not need any more benydryl or an epinephrine injection that day! It was a miracle that I did not have a full blown anaphyactic reaction! The swelling stopped at my foot. I’m still in shock!

So, I say to you, please make the best of every day, as today could be your last. Life can change in an instant. Moral of the story: Call on your angels for help today!

All my love and many blessings,

Ronita Baird