Boundaries vs Lockdown

Boundary vs. Lockdown                                                                                               

What’s the difference? How do we create a healthy boundary?

We are told to create healthy boundaries in our lives. By doing so we teach others how to treat us. Boundaries teach us to say no to demands of our time and energy. Healthy boundaries help us to recognize what energetically drains us and what replenishes us. 

We use boundaries to practice self respect by disengaging from negative family, friends, or situations and the drama that would result from negative interactions. 

Healthy boundaries allow us to recognize our triggers and heal them, therefore becoming non reactive to words that once hurt or could trigger hurt. We learn to recognize that the healing process takes time and that everyone is essentially healing. 

We accept. We love. We heal. We do not judge. 

This is living with a healthy boundary.  It’s a ripple effect that starts from within us, and through self love spreads to all. 

But with all this talk of boundaries have we changed the meaning to hide from truth? Has society taken it too far?

Lockdown is a deliberate act. It’s a desperate attempt to create normalcy. Lockdown is the complete opposite of a healthy boundary.  It’s protective, judgemental , cruel, fearful, and ego based. It’s a sinking ship which refuses help from any passerby. It’s ego, self sabotage, anger, fear, and definitely not part of any spiritual path! 

Have you found yourself thinking or saying…

  • Not my monkeys, not my circus! 
  • I don’t care what you think! 
  • The angels told me so!
  • Who are you to judge me?
  • Mind your own business! 
  • This is my life!
  • You don’t understand! 

All of these statements carry an energy and vibration that doesn’t resonate from love. These statements sling fear and judgment at your targets.  It’s an energy which creates a layer of “protection” that draws in lower vibrational situations and people. It’s an energetic bubble of fear, anger, self destruction, and ego. It’s a huge block. It’s a situational Lockdown!

Lockdown traits:

  • Becomes fearful of others 
  • Loses trust in family and friends 
  • Resists change 
  • Resists help
  • Retreats from different opinions 
  • Inability to see or hear truths
  • Self sabotages by creating more blocks
  • Seeks out people who side and support their views 
  • Becomes defensive when feels threatened 
  • Always seeking answers 
  • Chasing peace 


Healthy boundaries are created daily. They are not specific to one or two situations!  They become a part of who we truly are. You must walk your talk daily. This is where many good intentions go wrong. 

It’s a fine line between boundaries and lockdowns. What do you do when a challenge comes into your life? How do you avoid  going into lockdown? Know the difference! 

  • Peace starts from within! List your fears, they’ll seem less scary.
  • Know you are always supported! Meditate with God.  Call on your angels both alive and Divine! 
  • Recognize ego with truth and grace! No one is meant to steer through the foggy waters alone, don’t let your ego tell you otherwise. Reach out for help!
  • Remain open to all possibilities! Don’t fear a different view or idea! If you do fear this, ask yourself why? What is your trigger?? You may be trying to postpone the inevitable or the truth of the situation. 
  • Give yourself permission to see what put you in Lockdown in the first place and call on God and the angels to guide you through this situation. 

Prayer to help:

God, please allow my heart to open to the love within and around me , allow my eyes to see the truth,  my ears to hear the support that is around me, and my mind quiet to my ego so that I may truly connect with Divine source and step forward with faith and fearlessness. Thank you.