Certified Angel Practitioner

“When you believe in Angels, you have friends in high places!”


Ronita angel cards

Angel Readings

Connecting with Angels is a Powerful and Accurate way
address questions about your life, receive guidance, direction, and healing!

As a Certified Angel Practitioner, Ronita works with a person’s guardian angels and archangels, to heal and harmonize every aspect of life.

Why connect with Angels?

Angels are Divine Beings. They are ego-less messengers of God. Ego-less means that they put your well-being and happiness first, by always delivering Heaven’s Love and Guidance in a gentle and loving way.

What about Guardian Angels?

Guardian Angels are with you since birth. They are always with you. It is their Divine Mission to help you lead your happiest life!

How does Ronita connect with Angels?

Ronita connects with Angels by seeing and hearing them, which is called clairvoyance and clairaudience.

What do Angels look like?

Ronita sees Angels in two ways:

As a person with wings, as depicted in many paintings and statues of Angels
As Colored Auras, as each Angel has a specific aura color.

What Angels does Ronita work with?

Ronita works primarily with the Archangels. They are the overseers of Humankind, and the Guardian Angels.

Which Angel does Ronita work closest with?

Ronita works closest with Archangel Michael, “He who is like God”.

“Working through God’s love and light with Archangel Michael is extraordinary! I love his energy, his kindness, and his sense of humour. He has given me the strength and courage to walk my Divine Path as a Professional Angel Therapist and Psychic Medium. He teaches me and guides me in all aspects of my daily life.”

Ronita Baird, PEI’s Medium


If you’re feeling stuck, or if something is holding you back from achieving your life’s goals, the angels can help. 

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Angel Therapists in Action!

Karen Forrest, Ronita Baird, and Rhonda Gill!

Angel Cards and Other Divination Methods

Angel Cards:

I use Doreen Virtue’s Oracle decks within my Angel Readings. Oracle cards can give you details about your questions and restate what the Angels have already said during a reading.

Automatic Writing or Channelled writing

This is a tool that I use less often, but find it just as effective. This method allows me to blend with spirit; either an Angel or a Deceased Person, in order to clearing dictate from Heaven detailed and accurate messages through the Divine Channel of God’s light and love.

“The Angels have dictated many healing prayers through me
that I’m often guided to share with my clients.”

Crystals and Gemstones:
I have been guided to use the healing energy of crystals and gemstones in my Angel Therapy Sessions.
Crystals in combination with the healing energy of The Angels and  Reiki is a gentle and effective tool in Angel healīng.