House/Space/Business Clearings



Do you need your

home, land, or business energetically cleared?

Testimonial: Your work is amazing! Our house feels so much lighter and I can really tell a difference.   There is more wildlife around and 2 rabbits were playing duck duck goose in the front yard last week.  I did follow all of your suggestions and I am very grateful for the peace and harmony we now share here.

Debbie Hutton

Reasons/Signs that a home or business needs clearing:

  • Selling/buying home, buying/selling car, motor home
  • Parent states child is seeing/hearing things that is scaring child
  • Palliative care in home, hospital
  • Client, child feels unsafe
  • Child has nightmares, can’t sleep in own room
  • Client, child doesn’t like to be in certain area of house
  • Feeling negative, heavy, stagnant energy
  • Client wants home to be sacred space
  • Don’t feel comfortable in their own home
  • Divorce, change in who is living in home
  • Disharmony in relationships
  • Earthbound spirit (Ghost)
  • Client looking for improved spiritual, physical, mental health
  • Client on spiritual path, house clearing supports this
  • Tragedy in home or on land (ex suicide, death,  violence)
  • Being divinely guided to clear
  • Want deeper connection with fairies –need land cleared
  • New business, wanting to increase business
  • Seeking romantic partner or increasing romance in current relationship



Space clearings can be done for various areas including: home, business, office, car, RV, hotel rooms, residence (university housing), clearing meeting rooms (ex for workshops, meetings), court rooms, schools, churches, non-profit organizations, hospitals


  • Invokes divine energy, God, Angels into your home or space
  • Align your home with divine energy of God, angels
  • Fills your home with love, light, peacefulness
  • Offers sacred space to support you in honouring your life purpose, life path
  • Improved & support your physical, mental, spiritual health
  • Makes home more welcoming
  • Your home feels safer, protected
  • Feels good, lighter, better, more relaxed
  • beneficial for sensitive adults/children to live in more sacred space
  • make your home sacred space to live
  • promotes harmony, peacefulness
  • helps you better connect with divine beings, angels
  • increases your intuition
  • children sleep better, play more, feel more at ease, less anxious
  • enjoy your yard more, connect with nature easier
  • increased romance, passion in life



  • all the above PLUS:
  • increased financial abundance
  • promotes welcoming space
  • clients hang out longer (buy more) and come back
  • clients recommend your business when it feels good
  • attract your target audience
  • bring in nice clients, keep negative clients away
  • clearing supports the purpose, goal of your business
  • align your business with divine energy of God, angels
  • divine protection on business


Distance Clearing :$130

In-Person : $275.00 plus travel

Clearings are pre-paid either by email money transfer or mastercard/visa

For more information contact Ronita:

Email: or call: 902-326-9484