Distance Readings

Ronita Baird, PEI’s Medium

offers Private Readings by zoom video call.

55 minutes : $125


Common questions

about distance readings:

What is a distnace reading?

A distance reading is exactly the same as an in-person reading, except it is by zoom video calling, telephone or facebook messenger live. Ronita follows the exact same procedure as outlined on the “Suggestions for a Positive Reading” page.

Can I connect with both the angels and my deceased relatives during a telephone reading?

Yes, both.

Does Ronita book many distance readings?

Yes. Ronita has clients from across  the world.

Does Ronita still connect with deceased people during a distance reading?

Yes.  It doesn’t matter to your deceased loved one whether Ronita is in the room with you or not! They’ll still want to communicate with you!

Can Ronita connect with deceased people and the angels just as strongly during a distance reading?

Yes. The angels and your deceased loved ones will come through just as strongly.

Are distance readings something new?

Ttelephone readings” have been in existence since the 1950’s.

Today distance readings are the number one way to connect with an angel therapist, psychic or a medium.

Does Ronita use Angel Oracle Cards during a distance reading?

Yes. When the angels guide Ronita to pull a card for a client, she does, whether on the phone or in-person.

Can I still record our session?

Yes. Simply put your phone or recording device nearby.

How do I pay for a distance reading?

A distance reading is paid for 24 hours in advance by an e-transfer or mastercard/visa at the beginning.

How do I book a distance reading?

Simply email Ronita: ronita@ronitabairdpei.com or telephone: 902-838-5031

Who calls who at the appointed time?

When your appointment time is booked, and upon receipt of your payment, Ronita will call you at the scheduled time!

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