Suggestions For Your First Reading

As a  Professional Psychic Medium and Certified Angel Practitioner©, Ronita presently offers private readings in person or by telephone.

During an angel reading (communicating with divine beings such as your guardian angels and God) I receive specific information. The angel’s focus is offering guidance in the next step in honouring your life path and answering specific questions you have about your life. So you are welcome to ask your angels questions and receive specific guidance in your life. The focus is very much the here and now -what is the next step. I also can focus on angelic healing (including removing fears and blockages in your life) and teaching you specific skills to feel more peaceful.

When I give a medium reading: i.e. communicate with dead people, that is a bit different. My focus in communicating with the deceased is to reassure they are okay in heaven, pass on messages of love to you from them and assist you in healing through your grieving process.


During a session we can either focus on communicating with angels or the deceased or both (time permitting).

 One hour (available as both telephone or an in-person) is $120.


Suggestions For A Positive First Reading :

1. For an angel reading prepare very specific questions for your Guides and Angels.

(about your life, finances, career, health, or your family)

60 minute readings:  *limit to 3 questions, time permitting

The more specific your question is, the more specific your answer will be.

2. For a medium reading, let me know at the beginning of the reading if there are any deceased people you would like to connect with. 

60 minute readings: *1 – 3 deceased, time permitting
*Please note: For a combined angel/medium reading, these numbers would be less.

3. Take a few moments to think about all of the people in your life that you’ve known who are deceased. Also, have a look at your family tree so that you have a working knowledge of your family history before your medium reading. We start with who YOU wish to communicate with, but sometimes our loved ones bring forward others from the family, and your life who’d like to share a message with you! 

4. You may bring one friend to take notes, you may record your session, or you may take your own notes.

5.  Most importantly:  Have an open mind and heart.


What To Expect During a Reading:

1. I start with a prayer and connect with your Guides, Angels, and Deceased Loved Ones.

2. I take your questions. The more specific your questions, the more specific your answers will be.
Often, one question is several smaller questions, so I help clients to pinpoint what it is that they’re wanting to know.

3. I ask for the deceased’s first name.

4. The Angels begin to talk to you through me, answering your questions for your highest good.

5. I’ll connect with any deceased and I’ll pass along their messages to you throughout the reading.

6. You are an integral part of the reading process. You may communicate with Ronita, your angels, and your deceased at any point.

7. I always close with a prayer both for my client and their family, and for those who chose to come through from the other side.

Sometimes, a client’s Spirit Guides will present themselves to talk to you about your life, and sometimes someone unexpected from the other side (a deceased person) will present themselves as well. No one can predict who will show up. You could ask for a friend, but your Mother might show up.

Each Reading is as unique as the individual. No two readings are alike!

 As a Pyschic medium and  Certified angel practitioner,

I am your telephone line to the spirit realm.

Angels are non-corporeal, ego-less messengers of God. They are non-denominational and omnipresent. They help everyone regardless of your beliefs, and they can be with everyone at once.

Guardian Angels work closest with the human race. They are Angels who have been with you since birth. Everyone has at least two Guardian Angels, who guide and protect you throughout your lifetime.

Archangels are the Divine Messengers between humans and God.  Ronita works closest with this realm of Angels. Please see my page: The Archangels

Spirit guides are non-corporeal beings who are assigned to us before we are born. They’ve agreed to help us and to guide us through life.

 Each and every reading is strictly confidential.



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One Hour: $120

Half Hour: $65 (Follow-up only)

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