Suggestions For Your First Reading

Each and every reading is strictly confidential.

Come with an open heart and mind. Leave expectations at the door.

Tell Ronita what type of Reading you want at the beginning of your session.

Psychic or Angel Reading: Be specific with what part of your life that you want the most guidance with. Remember: your time is limited to one hour

Medium Reading (talking to deceased): Ronita connects with whom YOU wish to communicate first, and sometimes our loved ones bring forward others from the family, and your life who’d like to share a message with you! I am your telephone line to the spirit realm. 

Review your family tree so that you have a working knowledge of your family history before your medium reading because spirit often gives names, initials, and generation links.

You may bring one friend to take notes, you may record your session, or you may take your own notes.

Mentorship and Theta Sessions are strictly on a One to One basis.

What To Expect During a Reading:

1. I start with a prayer. 

2. I take your questions (psychic and angel readings). 

3. I ask for the deceased’s name who YOU wish to connect with.

4. You are an integral part of the reading process. You may communicate with Ronita, your angels, and your deceased at any point.

5. I always close with a prayer. 

Each Reading is as unique as the individual. No two readings are alike!

Angels are non-corporeal, ego-less messengers of God. They are non-denominational and omnipresent. They help everyone regardless of your beliefs, and they can be with everyone at once.

Guardian Angels work closest with the human race. They are Angels who have been with you since birth. Everyone has at least two Guardian Angels, who guide and protect you throughout your lifetime.

Archangels are the Divine Messengers between humans and God.  Ronita works closest with this realm of Angels. Please see my page: The Archangels

Spirit guides are non-corporeal beings who are assigned to us before we are born. They’ve agreed to help us and to guide us through life.




        Private Sessions:

 In-person/ telephone/Video

One Hour: $125

Contact me.

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