Forgiveness: What’s it all really about?

The angels say that it is all about you! In fact, this article should read: Why should YOU be the one to carry unforgiveness towards another person or…yourself…one moment longer?!!!!

There have been times in my life that I have carried unforgiveness towards others over little things and big things too! I freely admit this now, but only a few years ago, I would have denied feeling this way. I thought that I was better than that!

Several years ago, as I began my journey to accept my life path as a psychic medium who works with the angelic realm, God and the angels would come to me everyday and talk to me about preparing for my path. One of the things that I had to do, was to release all of my unforgivenesses.

Every morning and evening as I sat on the edge of my bed, the archangel Michael would appear by my side and place one or more of my memories before me. These were memories spanning from my childhood to the present which represented an unforgiveness that I still carried in my soul. Some of the memories were still very painful. I would say to AA Michael that what the other person did was wrong. Why should I forgive? This is his answer:

“Carrying unforgiveness towards another is a choice. It is a decision not to be made lightly. It tarnishes the earth that you walk on and the soul within. It is a burden like no other. It is like taking poison yourself in hopes of poisoning another.” I would then say to him, “But I thought that I had long forgiven and forgotten!” And he would simply say to me, Ronita, please say the following:

I release that part of me which hangs onto anger and unforgiveness towards you (name of the person) and this situation now. I thank God and the universe for all that this situation has taught me. I release this to the light of God and I now accept Divine peace, love, and light into my soul. Thank you.”

As I would say this prayer, I would see archangel Michael open the palm of his hands before me and accept a ball of energy leaving my spirit. He would then take that energy and send it to the light. The energy would then be healed in God’s light and sent to someone on the earth in need of healed energy. Sometimes, I would have to repeat this prayer for a few days until it really felt like the energy of unforgiveness was gone and I was at peace. This scenario lasted for weeks. I wondered how many people could I have actually held unforgiveness toward? In fact, it was too many for too long!

Even as I continue on my path, I still get angry from time to time, but, I now know that my soul deserves healing and I honour my soul by asking God and the angels to take my unforgivenesses to the light for healing, transmutation, and redirection. I know that I’m not alone. I can call on God and the angels to help me at any time, as you can too. I call on God and the angels to help heal the situation and all of the people involved for our highest good. I thank God and the angels for bringing this situation to me, so that I can learn and grow. And I then accept only peace within my heart as I let go and let God.

I am no saint. I simply am who I am. My father lived with this poem and by this poem which I now gladly share with you:

Forgiveness is freeing for yourself as well as for others,

It frees you from carrying the burden of past resentments,

It allows you to release the past so that all your energy can be fully available for the present,

Forgiveness is the ultimate gift you can give yourself.

– Author Unknown

What is unforgiveness?

Unforgiveness is an energy that is real and powerful. It lives within a person’s being. Just like a deadly cancer, it will drain a person’s life force energy. It spreads and grows faster than any cancer tumour, hands down!

How does it form?

Unforgiveness forms within each of us when we are hurt. We’ve all been hurt at one time or another by people and situations in our lives. These hurts can be small or huge. The size of the hurt doesn’t really matter. When it comes to unforgiveness, just like cancer, it holds no prejudice. It will reside within any person it can!

Angel Message:

Each of us has carried unforgiveness towards another person at one time or another. It is a human experience. It is nothing to be ashamed of! It is normal. What is a healthy experience, is recognizing our feelings of unforgiveness, working through it, and then letting it go so that you can heal.

What if I don’t want to forgive someone?

This is your choice. Each of us is born with free will. This means that we are free to say, think, feel, and do what we choose to. If hanging onto unforgiveness is your choice, then that is what you choose to do. The angels are asking me to pass along exactly what your choice will look like:

1. You will carry energetic cancer within yourself each and every day of your life. It is called “unforgiveness”.

2. Your unforgiveness will grow and multiply within you with every hurtful situation you encounter, no matter how big or small. You will accummulate a mountain of unforgiveness in your lifetime.

3. This energy of unforgiveness is so incredibly contagious that it will spread to all of the people in your life. You will give this cancer to your spouse, your children, your family, friends, and co-workers.

4. Relationships, including your marriage, will quickly deteriorate. In fact, any type of healthy, intimate relationship will be short lived. People who are sensitive to this type of energy will find themselves disassociating with you very quickly.

5. This energy will develop into a physical illness. Energy of this kind is not healthy to the spirit or the body.

When you choose to hang onto unforgiveness, you choose to dishonour you.

                                                        It is your choice!