Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels: Who are they?

Who or what are Guardian Angels?

Guardian angels are Divine beings, meaning they have never been human! They work directly between God, or the Universal love and light, and humans. They are neither male, nor female, but carry the feminine and male energy equally within them.

Each person has at least two guardian angels by their side. Guardian angels do not work with multiple people. Guardian angels work with thier individual charge. They may never interfere with a person’s life choices. They simply guide, support, and comfort their beloved charge. As each person has been gifted with free will, the only time a guardian angel would ever interfere with someone’s life is if you found yourself in mortal danger and it wasn’t your time to die. Many people have lived to tell the tale of that one time in which something miraculous happened in the last few seconds which saved their lives.

How do Guardian angels communicate with us?

Our guardian angels are constantly trying to communcate with us, but they use a different language…not of the spoken kind! The best way to describe how they communicate to us is by placing positive, uplifting thoughts in our mind each day. They love to help us solve problems and assist us in stepping it into our happier tomorrow sooner. They will often place these thoughts in our minds when we are most open to receiving them: which is as we begin to wake up. Sometimes these thoughts can be taken as dreams, but in reality, they are our guardian angels communicating with us. Have you ever experienced that perfect new idea, or the solution to an existing problem in your thoughts as you wake up? Sometimes, my angels ask me to take a nap just so they can talk to me. Who am I to argue with that?

They also send us signs that give us hope. Some of the ways are to send us a nature signal like a bird, butterfly, or dragonfly at our window in the morning, angelic shaped clouds in the sky, songs on the radio, rainbows in the sky, coins and feathers appearing out of nowhere, or animals directly in our path or line of site; animals that we wouldn’t ordinarily see. Just this morning, even though we are currently under a snow blizzard, a small bird appeared at my patio door just as I had gotten up and was preparing my breakfast. I have no idea how this little bird was able to be there with 110km per hour winds…but he was!


Do our Guardian angels have a name?

The angels tell me that if you wish to name your guardian angels, you may! Children will frequently name their guardian angels and many adults will remember having named at least one of their guardian angels when they were a child. The angels say that names are a human experience, not an angelic experience. We, as humans ,want to name everyone and everything, but in the spirit realm, names are irrelevant. It is their energy or vibration, or in other words their spiritual essence, which differentiates each angel, not a name.

Can I ask my angels for help?

Yes, please ask your angels for help! As soon as I open my eyes in the morning, I thank God and the angels for another day, and I continue to call on them throughout my day. I ask them to drive with me to work, to help me stay focused on my diet, to help me get to my exercise class on time, to help me be the best that I can be at work, to get me that perfect parking spot, to guide me to a bargain. The list is endless. The angels tell me that no task is too small, and that we should never be worried that we are bothering them or asking for too much help. It is their greatest pleasure to help each of us to move forward in life and to help us to fulfill our Divine life pupose.

Here is a prayer to call on your guardian angels:

“Dear God and guardian angels, I call upon you to help me in my life now. I ask for help with the following (briefly describe situation or event). Guide me in all that I think, say, feel, and do so that I may truly walk my divine life path with courage, strength, and commitment. Please send me a sign that I will truly recognize to know that you are always with me. Thank you.”


Message from the Guardian Angels:

“Beloved ones, we are here for you right now. Please know that you are never alone, for we have committed to you from the moment of your birth. We continue to walk with you each and every day of your life. Please call on us daily for whatever you need. You are God’s perfect child, and it is our gift to be with you on your divine life’s path.”

Ronita Baird, The PEI Medium and Angel Therapist

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