other people’s energy

Can other people’s energy affect you?


As we go about our daily lives, we’re all so “busy” that we don’t stop to think about how our own energy intertwines with all of the people that we have interacted with throughout our day.

How many people have you exchanged energy with in a 24 hour period?

Face to face? Texts? Facebook? Email? Telephone?

  • You have left a part of your energy with each of them, and in turn, you have taken a part of their energy with you!

How many places have you been in that 24 hour period?

Your home? Work? Grocery store? Bank?

If you are a sensitive, you are affected by these unseen energies! Energy exchange is a constant!

How to recognize if you’re sensitive to this energy exchange?

Sensitive people feel other people’s energy as an additive to their own energy. This can be felt on many levels including physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The most common way is Emotionally.

Sensitive people will feel other people’s emotions for no other reason than the fact that they’ve been in contact with someone who is feeling a particular emotion. For example: a friend is feeling lonely because their spouse is away working for extended periods of time, and they feel lonely in the evenings and on the weekends. You happen to find yourself feeling down at the exact same times. This is emotional sensitivity at an extreme level.

Also frequent, but not as common are:

Physically: Sensitives can absorb other people’s aches and pains. Have you ever had an unexpected headache at the same time as someone else in your house? Perhaps, your knee starts to ache at the same time as a colleague is experiencing pain…in the same knee! These pains are real because you absorbed this energy from someone else.

Spiritually: Spiritual absorption of another’s energy is the most intense! It can be described as an intimate bond between the two spirits. You feel the same way another person feels. You may often experience similar dreams, and have similar thoughts without even realizing it. For example, a friend calls you to tell you her marriage is over…a complete blindside to her! You begin to feel her emotions, her physical pain or heart ache, and then, you can’t sleep or eat. Your dreams merge with hers. It’s as if a part of you takes on a part of her aching soul! This is by far the most intense energy drain on you!

The angel’s guide to equal and loving energy exchange:

1. First, recognize that the exchange of Love should be a constant in your life! All living beings deserve to feel loved. Try this morning prayer: I love, I am loved, I am Love! This is your Divine right! Instead of taking on someone else’s energy, send them love and light in your prayers.

Also, you can focus on love and heart healing for yourself and others with this heart centered visualization exercise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7aY2zR9CLA

2.Try meditating with AA Michael, to clear and shield your energy. There are many angel meditations on youtube. Here is a link to one by Doreen Virtue to clear and shield your energy with Archangel Michael:


3. Choose to only surround yourself with positive, loving people. This honours you and your Divinity!

4. Take sea salt baths regularly. Add 2 cups of sea salt to a bath, soak for 20 minutes, then rinse salt off. This is cleansing to the heart, mind, body, and spirit!

5. Use crystals like rose quartz, rainbow fluorite, and snowflake obsidian. Carry them in your pocket. They keep you grounded and they act as a buffer zone to other people’s energy.

6. Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine or moon shine; not the PEI type…lol!… but the moon and the stars type! Mother nature, along with the nature angels cleanse and heal your spirit.

7. Choose a positive outlook and attitude on life. Laugh off what doesn’t matter!

8. Let go and let God! You’re not here to change everyone and everything! Give it to God and the angels.  Send out healing prayers and thoughts to others, then, LET GO!

9. Ask your angels to guide you in maintaining your energy. Then, follow their guidance. Remember, they’ll continue to show you “signs” until you get it just right!

10. Say this prayer daily, “Dear God, Guardian angels, and Archangel Michael, Please surround me in your love and light daily, so that I may truly focus on living my highest, divine life purpose; knowing that my energy remains with me and other’s energy remains with them for our highest and greatest good always. Thank you.”

Love and Blessings,

Ronita Baird