Other People’s Opinions

Should Other People’s Opinions About You Matter?

People will think about you what they choose to think about you, period! Should it matter to you? Read my story now…

I was born a psychic medium. Being born mediumistic means that as a child, I had the ability to see, hear, and feel the spirit world; the world of dead people and of angels. And because all mediums are psychic, it also means that I was and still am able to see, feel, and know things about people, places, and events that often defy reasoning. It’s just who I am.

As my gift became stronger and more developed, I could no longer deny it, nor keep quiet about it, so I embraced it and took on the daunting task of studying it. I’ve always been very independent and not afraid to try new things. But, unlike my degree in music education or my certificate in French, my studying of mediumship and psychic development meant travelling outside of the Maritimes and Canada to work with world renowned speakers, authors, and teachers of this subject area. A very daunting task indeed, often taking me way out of my comfort zone to explore and expand my gifts. But, up to this point,not only has it been tough at times, it’s also being extremely rewarding. At this point, I wouldn’t change anything!

So what do people think about me? People meaning the ones who grew up with me, who went to school with me, who’ve worked with me, who live beside me, who are related to me, or who are meeting me for the first time. Here it is in a nutshell…

What do people say to you about your work as a medium and angel therapist?

  • From someone meeting me for the first time:

So, What do you do?”

I’m a full time teacher and a part-time angel therapist and psychic medium.”

What’s a medium?”

Someone who talks to angels and dead people.”

With the shell shock face, “Do they talk back to you?”

Well, I certainly hope so! LOL!”

  • From a neighbor:

Ronita, how are you?”


How’s work?”

Great! I’ve been doing a lot with my angel therapy lately!”

Oh, let’s not talk about THAT!”

  • From several people who have grown up with me or worked with me:

I hear you’re a psychic medium! So, how’d you get into THAT!?!?”

  • From complete strangers:

“She’s crazy! People don’t do THAT!

  • From those who know my family:

“Oh, she’s Eddy Quinn’s sister, she can’t be too weird!”


Has anyone who’s known you before coming out, started to treat you differently?

I would have to say that 90% of the people who have known me treat me exactly the same as they did before they found out that I’ve been a medium all of my life. Most tell me that they’re not surprised.



What about the other 10%? How do they treat you differently?

Well, since I’ve come “out of the closet” there are some people who choose to walk in the other direction when they see me in the grocery store, where once they would have made it a point to approach me and say hello.

Others simply avoid having too much to do with me, limiting any kind of conversation.

Some will not talk about that side of my life with me at all. They’ll talk to me, but not about THAT.

Some are downright rude!

Have you ever had anyone attack you verbally after finding out what you do?

Yes, I have. Here is one of my stories about how rude people can really be. As my father spent his final days of life at the KCMH, he shared a room with a lovely gentleman who was also experiencing dementia, but not in it’s final stages like my father. As my father had lost his speech at that point, and slept most of the time, my time in his hospital room was spent with this gentleman roommate and his visiting daughter. We (myself as well as my family) shared more than a few conversations during those weeks. These private moments with others are sacred in a sense. But, as my father went into his final stage of life, he was moved to a private hospice care room. The day Dad passed away, my Mom and I stopped by the hospital room of this older gentleman and his daughter to let them know that Dad had just passed away and to bid our farewell and best wishes to them. It would be later that summer that I would be giving readings at the Montague Farmers Market when the gentleman’s daughter approached me to say hello. But, when she discovered my true identity, her reaction was unbelievably rude and hurtful. Her words and actions spoke volumes as she attempted to belittle me in a public place. I quickly called upon my angels to give me strength and said to her with compassion in my voice, “ I truly wish you all of the best with your father’s illness.”


This type of behaviour and reaction to me is quite rare, but does exist. This story is just one of a handful and the angels have never guided me to write about them until now.

The angels tell me that some people will love you, some will find you interesting, and some will want nothing to do with you. And, I should NEVER take any of the aforesaid personally as it is not a reflection of me, but of them. My very first medium teacher, James Van Praagh said, “The first thing you need to know about being a medium is that IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS ABOUT YOU!” And since that moment on, I have adopted that statement into my daily life!


So when it comes to what other people think about you should it matter? Well, truth be told, it is your decision! Do you know anyone who has lived their entire life based on what someone else thinks they should or shouldn’t be?

The angels say that this is your life! Your life is your classroom. You can take a lifetime to learn a lesson, or you can learn your lesson instantly. It’s your choice. So, if you choose to live your life based on someone else’s thoughts, go for it! If you choose to be your totally awesome self and express your individuality, spread love and light, and be of service to others. Good for you! I choose to be my authentic self each and everyday for the rest of my life with the love and support of my family and friends both here and in spirit, and with God and the angels guiding my every step.

I hope that you are able to love yourself for who you truly are and shine on dear one!


Dear God and heavenly Father, I call upon all of heaven’s help (angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, deceased loved ones) to guide me and support me in letting my true inner light shine on this earth each and everyday of my life now. Surround me with loving like minded people so that I do not have to feel alone, and keep the rest away. Give me signs each and everyday that I will truly recognize and know that I am living my Divine life’s purpose now. Thank you.