Power of Words

The Power of Words!

How will you use your words today?

Will your words heal, help break down walls of fear, bring people together, or separate them?

Will you think about the message of your words before you speak?


I start my Friday like any other day. Upon wakening, I thank God for another day of joy and miracles. I ask the angels to guide my words and actions throughout my day. I grab my coffee and off to work I go enjoying the cool, fall air and the beauty that PEI has to offer. 
I start my day with a Garth Brooks song entitled : We Shall Be Free! Have you heard it yet? It’s worth a listen. https://vimeo.com/8515766

The lyrics say:

When we’re free to love anyone we choose

When this world’s big enough for all different views

When we all can worship from our own kind of pew

Then we shall be free

When there’s only one race and that’s mankind

Then we shall be free

What a beautiful way to start my day! As the day progresses, I think about my upcoming Fall events across PEI. I’m excited and looking forward to holding my events in a couple of new communities across PEI and share messages with people from their angels and loved ones on the other side. I go to my emails to check on a rental request to a community hall which hosts live music, theatre, and other acts from across PEI. This is what I read:

We are careful, however, that we not use the facility for uses which would be in 
conflict with, or contradictory to our Christian faith. That would not only be going 
against our own faith, but also appear to send a contradictory message to the 
community at large, as to who we are and what we stand for.
We do respect all persons, and all religions, and as such, respect what you do. 
However, it is not in keeping with biblical teaching, 
and therefore 
we are not able to permit the use of our facility for your program. 
We do hope you understand.

Upon opening this email,  I open the lines of communication to God and the angels, and have a conversation with them that sounds like this:

          “What the heck is this??? You asked me to go to this part of PEI! “


          “You want me to pass on messages to people from their loved ones in heaven?”


          “And you want me to pass on messages from their angels?”


          “But yet, you still want me to experience being turned away by others because I do this?”

          “You are here for many a purpose. You are also here to educate people about what you         experience, and to pave the way for others like you, so that they too will understand that these types of judgements  will happen from time to time and they are not to be feared and you are not to judge the individuals, but simply to continue on your path. And for each single person that you encounter who feels this way towards you, there will be a hundred more who will benefit from your work here.”

I head to the gym for my daily workout with my sister. I tell her about the email. We laugh as we remember how my family found out that I was a medium. She confesses that when she first found out what I do, she thought that I was having a midlife crisis. That before I started doing this work, she thought that all people who claim to talk to angels and the dead were crazy! I ask her what she based her reasoning on? T.V.? Movies? Or simply nothing? She says it was simply how she felt. It was simply her opinion. We have a good laugh!

I head out to Friday evening supper with my younger son. The two of us go for pizza and a chat. He asks me how my day went. I reply, “Good”. I then explain my email experience to him. “Well”, he says, “Maybe the angels are testing your resilience in how you handle people and situations like this.” I take a moment to ponder this statement, as it resonates with a lot of truth for me. He continues, “And, aren’t we here to learn and grow from all of our experiences?” I feel the presence of angels speaking through him. I immediately feel a sense of peacefulness upon hearing these statements. And as I look into the eyes of this 21 year old, I reply, “Yes, you’re right.” I then remember how I started my day! “We Shall Be Free!” There is no such thing as coincidence!

As a professional psychic medium, I rent facilities across PEI for the purpose of public workshops, events, and in-person meetings. Today, I found out that not all public event halls are meant to be used by all individuals.

So, this is how I choose to use my words:

I thank God and the angels for experiences

that help me continue to grow and elevate in the knowledge

that everything is always working out for my highest and best good.

Keep your words positive and full of faith in the knowledge that you do make a difference in this world! Keep going as I keep going! And besides, there will be another venue that would be more than happy to host my : “Evening of Spirit Messages”

Coming soon to a community near you! XO