Psychic Children

Being a highly sensitive child herself, Ronita knows all too well how challenging it can be for a psychic child to deal with the energy that they perceive daily. It is important that they are guided with gentleness and compassion, and listened to when they explain their feelings. They are sensitive to large crowds, the food they consume, the clothing they wear, etc. The moon cycles may also interrupt their sense of well being and peacefulness, as well as their sleep and wake cycles. Here is a little information which may help you as a parent, get to know your sensitive child.

They are known as the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children. They are distinguished by their Energies and Aura colours.

They are the next generation of highly sensitive or psychic people. No matter what their individual life purpose is, they need your guidance, your love,and your patience so that they can evolve into Highly Sensitive People know as Light Workers.

Do you have a child or grandchild who “sees” their Guardian Angels? Do you catch them talking and playing with someone you can’t see?

These children are always surrounded by Angels, both their Guardian Angels and Archangels. When I look at these children, their Auras are brighter because of the Angels who surround them. They naturally talk about Angels, Fairies (the Earth Angels), and Spirit People.

Most psychic children have a lot of food sensitivities to begin with. They are born “sensitive” in every way. They only consume foods that are “clean” energy foods. They don’t like red meat, too much dairy, or starchy foods like white potatoes. These foods “turn down” their sensitive nature and leave the child feeling “off”. 

When I’m in public, these children, whom I’ve usually never met before will come right up to me and say, “Hi! What’s your name?”
I love it! The Angels tell me it’s because they recognize my energy and Angels who are around me.

A great read for parents is Doreen Virtue’s :

“The Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children” or

“The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children”.