Psychic Medium


“Mediums exist to give knowledge of the life to come.”
James VanPraagh

Ronita is a Professional Psychic Medium who delivers clear and accurate messages from your deceased loved ones. Her gentle and compassionate manner lends to incredible healing within her confidential readings.

“When I connect with the other side, they are as alive as you and I are. They are constantly checking in on you, and yet, are doing what their spirit draws them to on the other side.”

As a Professional Psychic, I am

Clairvoyant: I see the past, present, and future in visions and dreams.
Clairaudient: I hear messages from the Angels and Deceased People.
Clairsentient: I sense energies around me and within my own body.
Claircognizant: I have a very strong “knowing” about events and people.

I use all four of my clairs during readings to give you clear and accurate answers to your questions.


A hall full of Spirit Orbs at the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York Mastering Mediumship with James VanPraagh

A hall full of Spirit Orbs at the
Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York
Mastering Mediumship with James VanPraagh






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Trip to York, Maine 018

Here are a couple of very talented ladies that I took John Holland’s Advanced Mediumship Class with in York, Maine in May 2013: Jacqui LeBeau, Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator from Pennsylvania; and Janet Hensenne-Rosiak, Medium and Angel Therapy Practitioner, Theta Healing Practitioner from New Jersey


I’ve traveled extensively and taken classes with world renowned Professional Psychic Mediums, Intuitives, and Angel Therapy Practitioners and have met and worked with many people just like myself from around the globe.

Trip to York, Maine 015

Ronita Baird, PEI’s  Medium, Angel Therapist, and Reiki Master

Another wonderful lady that I met in York, Maine at my Advanced Mediumship Class with John Holland is Sarina Baptista. Sarina’s story struck my heart like no other. Sarina’s son, J.T., died at the age of 8 from the flu in 2007. Stricken with grief, she reached out to the universe for support and discovered that she had the incredible ability of connecting with the Other Side, and her son, J.T.. Sarina wrote a book in her sons honour: A Bridge To Healing: J.T.’s Story – A Mother’s Grief Story and Return to Hope. What an inspirational woman! Check out her website:

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