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Boundary vs. Lockdown                                                                                             

  What’s the difference? How do we create a healthy boundary?

We are told to create healthy boundaries in our lives. By doing so we teach others how to treat us. Boundaries teach us to say no to demands of our time and energy. Healthy boundaries help us to recognize what energetically drains us and what replenishes us.  click to continue

Grief and Christmas 

Whether it’s your first Christmas or your 5th without a loved one, the holidays will never be the same. Here are some tips for getting you through the tough days ahead.  click to continue

The Spiritual Healing Benefits of Salt!


Growing up on an island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and breathing in that fresh sea salt air, I always took for granted the beauty and healing benefits of this little island. Summertime was time spent at the local beaches. Click to continue


Psychic Attacks: What are they? What can you do?


Psychic attacks are real. But, what are they?

Have you experienced this? Click to continue


Stepping out of the spiritual closet


I have given many public lectures, taught many workshops, stood in front of countless audience members at public demonstrations, and given many people and families individual readings over the past seven years. I have taken countless workshops with world-renowned psychics, mediums, and intuitive counselors. I have written many different blogs on many areas of spirituality and healing, and have started writing my first book. But, the one thing that I haven’t written about thus far is about coming out of the spiritual closet. Click here to continue reading


Energy Shifts: Why should we pay attention?

Feeling a little “out of sorts” lately? Well, you’re definitely NOT alone! Whether it’s a full moon, new moon, or earth phase shift, highly sensitive people will react to these energies. Click to continue


Signs from Spirit

Do the dead really send us signs? The answer is that they never stop sending us signs!!!! Spirit people(the deceased ) are always checking in on us and sending us signs and signals. They never stop!

When my Dad passed away, I received signs non-stop. The first big one was the day of Dad’s wake. Click to continue


Spiritual Shock

What is Spiritual Shock? We all know that physical shock is a life threatening condition that occurs when the body is not getting enough blood flow. Physical Shock requires immediate medical attention and can worsen very rapidly. As a result, 1 in 5 people who suffer from physical shock will die. click here to continue


The Power of Words!


How will you use your words today?

Will your words heal, help break down walls of fear, bring people together, or separate them?

Will you think about the message of your words before you speak?                  click here 


Angelic Miracles Happen!

LIFE IS PRECIOUS! Hang on, and take in everything that is so very wonderful in your life…even the challenging times, because guess what??? You have everything that you need to make it through to tomorrow! Some folks won’t have a tomorrow! click to continue


Forgiveness: What’s it all really about?


The angels say that it is all about you! In fact, this article should read: Why should YOU be the one to carry unforgiveness towards another person or…yourself…one moment longer?!!!! click to continue


Should Other People’s Opinions About You Matter?

People will think about you what they choose to think about you, period! Should it matter to you? Read my story now…click to continue 


Can other people’s energy affect you?

As we go about our daily lives, we’re all so “busy” that we don’t stop to think about how our own energy intertwines with all of the people that we have interacted with throughout our day. click to continue 


Angels and Addiction

Addictions. What are they? How do you cope with an addiction? How do you live with the addicted?

Addiction comes in many forms! It’s not as simple as drugs, alcohol, or anger any more! Addictions can manifest as control issues, food, sex, drama, always being a victim, or you can be co-addicted to a spouse; supporting the behaviour of the addicted person in your life. click to continue


“WHY ME?!”


Why am I in this situation?

Why does this always happen to me?

Why me?????

Do you find yourself feeling this way often? Do you “fall back” into a pattern of going to bed, pulling the covers over your head, eating too much, hoping that it will just all go away on it’s own? I certainly admit that I have had these episodes in my life, until I decided to change! If you’re looking for a postive change in this behaviour, then “spring forward” with the angels today. click to continue


Guardian Angels: Who are they?


Who or what are Guardian Angels?

Guardian angels are Divine beings, meaning they have never been human! They work directly between God, or the Universal love and light, and humans. They are neither male, nor female, but carry the feminine and male energy equally within them. click to continue