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Psychic Attacks:

What are they? What can you do?


Psychic attacks are real. But, what are they? Have you experienced this?


A psychic attack is an energy based “thought form” that travels from one person to another. It is a lower vibrational form of energy. Lower energy is thick, heavy, and often comes from a malicious, fear-based, or ego based  thought. In other words, when someone thinks something negative about you, they send this type of  “thought form” to you! The more the originator thinks about, talks about, and feeds the fear about it, the more the energy grows.

Have you ever heard or read the quote, “Adding fuel to the fire”?

The more thought you give to a situation, the stronger it becomes.


Think of this thought form as transforming into a ball of energy, which then, goes through the air and lands on the other person. You then become the recipient of a fearful, negative, and maliciousness energy form.This lower vibrational energy can sit in your energy field for some time unless you learn to recognize and release it.


We’ve all experienced this at some point in our lives.

Perhaps you didn’t recognize what you were really going through at the time.


But, the time has come that your angels are educating you so that you don’t have to hold onto this lower energy again! Whether you’ve experienced a miscommunication, an argument, a threat, jealousy, rage, been judged cruelly, or had a hateful word or thought sent your way; you will at some point in your life,  be the recipient of a psychic attack.

You can’t control other people’s thoughts and actions.

The only thing you can control is your thoughts and actions.


The angels want you to know that the majority of time, people don’t realize that negative thoughts hurt another human being! So, forgive them. The majority of time, someone who sends out a negative thought will rethink the situation and within a day or two, this negative energy will naturally dissipate.


If someone throws water at you,

the water evaporates very quickly.


The same can be said for the majority of negative thoughts that we hold for people. If you happen to find yourself sending a negative thought out out to someone, simply say outloud or silently, “Cancel, Clear, Delete!” The angels will hear this and immediately dissolve the energy so no one gets hurt.


What do you do when it’s not your average negative thought? How do you handle a real, heavy duty energetic attack? This is what you need to know:


Psychic Attacks begin in the following ways:

  • Disagreements or any fueled exchange
  • Emails, letters, texts, facebook
  • Verbal face to face affronts
  • Telephone calls
  • Blindsides

Psychic Attack FACTS:

  • Always come from a place of cowardice, uneducation, and FEAR
  • The attackers words and actions NEVER have anything to do with you and EVERYTHING to do with them
  • You will feel yourself FILL with fear based energy from your head to your toes, but know this: IT IS NOT YOUR FEAR….IT IS THE ATTACKER’S
    • This energy is strong and can linger like getting skunked!!!
  • You can feel ill physically
    • Common effects can be vomiting, diarrhea, and headache
  • Physical pain is common.
    • You may experience what feels like a knife stabbing you in the back or like someone is squeezing your heart, or sitting on your chest.

Action Steps (for 7 days):

  • Recognize how you’re feeling! You can release the energy!
    • If you’ve experienced any of the above, you’ve been attacked!
  • Sea Salt Bath:
    • Take 2 cups of SEA SALT in a hot bath for 20 minutes. Shower for 2 minutes.
    • You may add an essential oil like lavender and/or rose
    • An alternative to a bath is a swim in the ocean, a walk on the beach, or a foot soak.
    • A saucer with 2 heaping TBSP of regular table salt near you and as you sleep
  • Rose Quartz crystal or any meaningful crystal
    • Place a rose quartz crystal close to your chest
    • Wear as a pendant, place in left pocket, or place in left side of your bra
    • Place a rose quartz on bedside table of under your pillow
    • Wear or place other meaningful crystals in pockets or near you physically
  • Rose essential oil
    • Place a drop directly on your heart (most rose oil is already in a carrier oil like jojoba)
    • Repeat Am and PM
  • Lavender essential oil
    • At night, rub a drop on inside of your left arm. Place a drop or two on a cotton ball and leave on your nightstand for the vapors to be inhaled during your restorative sleep cycle.
  • Bach Flower Remedy
    • This homeopathic remedy is essential to healing the spirit! It is especially useful for those times when you’ve been surprised or shocked by the event. In dropper form, place 2 – 3 drops directly under the tongue. Repeat 3 – 4 times per day
  • Ground your energy!
    • Eat root vegetables like carrots, turnip, potato…anything that grows below the earth
    • Meditate to connect with the earth
    • Take your shoes off. Walk on the earth.
    • Drink extra water!!
    • You will feel better, sleep better, and heal faster if you stay grounded.
  • Call on the angels

Dear God and guardian angels, surround me now in your loving and healing presence. Ground my energy, breathe for me now, and return me to a feeling of peacefulness. I ask that any and all energy that is not mine, be returned to the originator now and deflect away from me, now and always, any and all energies not of love and light. Thank you.

Coming Out

Stepping out of the spiritual closet


Ronita Baird

PEI’s Medium

I have given many public lectures, taught many workshops, stood in front of countless audience members at public demonstrations, and given many people and families individual readings over the past seven years. I have taken countless workshops with world-renowned psychics, mediums, and intuitive counselors. I have written many different blogs on many areas of spirituality and healing, and have started writing my first book. But, the one thing that I haven’t written about thus far is about coming out of the spiritual closet.


I remember as a 20-year-old, sitting in the living room with my father and stating, “You know Dad, I just have a feeling that this life is going to be hard, really hard.” He looked up at me and replied in his usual calm voice, “Well, you only have to take it one day at a time.” He was close to 40 when I was born. He had lived through the depression years, saw the end of WWII, lived with an undiagnosed bi-polar and abusive father, and knew what it was to have little and work hard. His wisdom was well-earned in his lifetime.


When my father passed away, I had not told him that I saw and spoke to angels and dead people. However, his spirit recognized right away. The day he died, his spirit spoke to me and asked me to share a personal message to my Mom and to each of my siblings. The messages were simple but direct and I did not hesitate for one moment to pass on these words of comfort. And even then, I hadn’t  told my Mom or brother or sisters that I could speak to spirit. My delivery was simple and nonchalant. They eventually found out only when people who had come to me for readings approached them and told them of the wonderful work that I was doing and how much it helped them or their family. And that, according to the angels, is exactly how they were supposed to find out!


When I look back at the time when I began to accept and develop my gift, I had Archangel Michael working with me daily. This archangel helps guide people on their life paths. He lends us courage and strength to walk our divine missions. My experience was that he pushed me out of the closet in such a way that there was no turning back. There were a few bumps in the road, but I don’t regret one moment of it!

I almost never had time to wonder how people would react to me, as I was out and helping people immediately. I didn’t have time to gather my family and friends to tell them that I was coming out. I was out and I was way too busy reaching out to as many people as possible. I was affronted a couple of times, sent a couple nasty emails, called names a couple of times , and challenged on my belief system once or twice. When your mission is to spread light into the world, you are a target! But, trust me when I say that you’ll spread more light than you will see the darkness. And the people who accept my being on a spiritual path are still in my life while those that didn’t are simply walking a different path. That’s OK. We’re all here with a different divine mission. Be accepting of that.


That being said, for many the process of coming out can be daunting. The ego can conjure up so much fear about what other’s will say or do that it can stop you in your tracks. It can diminish your spirit and make you stay in the closet for years. But the answer is simple. Some people will love you, some will find you interesting, and some will hate you. But, isn’t that the same for any profession or walk of life?


So here is what you need to know if you are walking a spiritual path and thinking about coming out of the spiritual closet:


  • Educate yourself!
    • Take classes, attend workshops, read, and most of all mentor with a professional. Mentorship is worth it’s weight in gold!
  • Take your time telling people.
    • You don’t have to run out and tell everyone at once that you’re taking a class, attending a workshop, or have started on a spiritual journey. If the time presents itself, and you feel divine guidance to do so, then do so, otherwise, don’t obsess or worry about it. And really, it’s no ones business what you choose to do.
  • Be prepared for a funny look or question.
    • Know that you only need to speak your truth.
    • Being rude is never acceptable!
    • Don’t allow someone else’s fears or criticism to occupy your thoughts.
    • Learn to “Let It Go”.
    • Being affronted is RARE!
      • This can happen to anyone in any walk of life
      • Know that it is their way of expressing their own inner turmoil onto someone else. It has nothing to do with you!
  • Be Your Authentic Self!
  • Reach out to like minds! You’re not alone!
  • Remember: You’re here to help people! Focus on that!
  •   “It’s none of your business what anyone else thinks about you!”  


Energy Shifts:

Why should we pay attention?

energy shifts


Feeling a little “out of sorts” lately? Well, you’re definitely NOT alone! Whether it’s a full moon, new moon, or earth phase shift, highly sensitive people will react to these energies.

First, we are and always will be spiritual beings existing in a physical body. As spiritual beings or more specifically, living energy, we feel the energy of the world around us, meaning the people in our lives and the world in which we live.

We are more connected to our “living” world than ever before. The more spiritually aware we become and the more we take care of our bodies; physically, mentally, and emotionally; the more our vibrations shift and change. Our vibration is our resonance frequency. In simpler terms, which channel are you broadcasting on? Everyone vibrates at a different frequency, including our earth. As we  become more “in tune” with the earth,  we become more susceptible to feeling the earth’s energy shifts.

images (12)

When the earth shifts energetically, those who vibrate on the same channel, will feel it.  It can vary for each individual. For some, it can mean simply a few nights of interrupted sleep. For others, it can trigger a mix of emotions, physical changes, and spiritual-intuitive ups or downs…a real “storm”!

There have been two very strong energy shifts in the past year and a half. These energy shifts are felt by sensitive people like us. These energy shifts are strong. It feels a little like swimming against the current! You may feel yourself starting to be pulled under, or starting to grow weary of treading water. So, what do you do to get through it? Go with the flow! And here’s how:

1. Recognize that what’s happening is normal! And it’s normal for you to feel differently during this phase shift.

2. Meditate daily, if only for 5 minutes… There are plenty of guided meditations on youtube. Try Doreen Virtue’s angel channel.

3. Take a Sea Salt Bath twice a week. Take two cups of Sea Salt in a hot bath for 20 minutes, then shower the salt off your body. I use  2 – 3 drops of lavender essential oil for that calming effect.

4. Stay away from electronics! Limit your t.v. time, your computer time, and put down that cell phone. All of these things just add fuel to your already sensitive self! And absolutely no electronics in your bedroom! (except for an alarm clock, that is!)

5. Get some fresh air daily. Either go for a walk or just park a little further away from the main doors of your regular stops so that you can take in a little extra fresh air and sunshine.

6. Get plenty of rest, eat healthy, and stay hydrated!

7. Talk to your angels! Say the following prayer:

Dear God and heavenly angels, please surround me in healing love and light during this energy shift. Keep adjusting my sensitivity levels to a manageable level that is perfect for me. Help me to follow all of the above guidelines so that I may continue on my divine path in a healthy and happy way. Fill me with faith and most of all peacefulness during this energetic shift. Thank you.


chamuelArchangel Chamuel is the angel of peace.

Signs from Spirit

Do the dead really send us signs? The answer is that they never stop sending us signs!!!! Spirit people(the deceased ) are always checking in on us and sending us signs and signals. They never stop!

flag pole

When my Dad passed away, I received signs non-stop. The first big one was the day of Dad’s wake. Dad had made us a flag pole a few years before his passing. It stood tall on the hill at our place, right beside the driveway, so you could see it as you entered our yard. Dad was one who was always concerned about our safety, and would often check things out when he came up to make sure all was in good order. As his wake was held from 2 – 4 that afternoon, and supper was provided for the family by some kind neighbors, we struggled to get time to slip home to our house to freshen up before the evening wake, but managed to grab a half hour along the way. We drove up the lane towards our house, and much to our surprise, our flag pole was lying directly across our path. It looked like it had been placed there on purpose. My husband and I just looked at one another and said, “Wow, how lucky are we?! Dad must have laid it there before it could do any harm to anyone or anything!” Upon later inspection, we discovered that the flag pole had completely rotted at the base and would have come down at anytime. But, it didn’t, because Dad was watching over us from heaven!


broken cherry tree

The second sign would come only a couple of weeks later. As Dad had passed in mid-December, winter had began to set in. All of the trees had lost their leaves, and the ground had a light dusting of snow. One doesn’t usually notice their ornamental trees or flower beds at this time of the year, but one afternoon, something caught our eye. You see, the previous summer, I had lost my cherry tree. My lovely little cherry tree that I had had for 5 years had been run over by the tractor. An unfortunate incident which left a snapped trunk with a few sparse branches protruding about 3 1/2 feet above the ground. I watched this little tree die as a result. I had checked it in September to see if I could feel any life from it, but the trunk felt and looked completely dried up. “No hope”, I thought to myself. I figured at that point, that I’d leave it ’till the spring. But that late December day, as I got out of my car, I looked into my young orchard and the one little tree that I was certain was dead was covered, litterly covered, in bright green leaves at Christmas! A miracle for sure! One of spirit’s favorite signs is to touch a plant with life out of season! I’ll never forget that one.


Dad's horses

The next one, that I remember, came the following summer. My Dad was a horseman! He loved horses and would spend the latter years of his life caring and training these majestic creatures. He was like a horse whisperer, he had such a gentle manner with them. So it came as no surprise to me that I pull into my regular parking spot on our red dirt lane, open my door, and gaze on the ground to see a horseshoe protruding through the previously barren ground. For all of the 13 years that I had parked in that exact spot, nothing had ever presented itself to me before. I picked it up and took it inside. I kept this little treasure as my sign from heaven.

I also have to talk about the number of spirit orbs that showed up in our funeral photos the day of Dad’s funeral as well! Spirit orbs are our loved ones’ energy patterns which can show up in photographs. They are translucent and perfectly round in shape. They will often be found just over someone’s head or shoulder, or directly in front of the heart. We certainly were surrounded by spirit folk that day.

This family came home from their loved ones’ funeral to this sign. Amazing!

rainbow sign

Common signs from our loved ones in heaven:

Please note: these signs will often appear just as we are thinking about our loved ones, or are in need of a pick me up. The birds and insects will often appear in the oddest places and the plant life will often bloom out of regular season.

1. Birds

2. Insects such as dragonflies, butterflies, ladybugs

3. Plants, bushes, and trees

4. Music

5. Clouds and Rainbows

6. Shiny coins or pennies

7. Feathers

Try this prayer to ask for your sign:

Dear God, I call upon you and the angels in heaven to bring me clear signs from my loved one(s) (say names) that I will truly recognize and understand, so that I know they are alright. Guardian angels, please guide me and give me faith so that I may receive all of the signs that are sent to me now. Thank you.

Ask and have faith, and it shall be.

All my love,

Ronita Baird, The PEI Medium


energy shifts

What is Spritual Shock? We all know that physical shock is a life threatening condition that occurs when the body is not getting enough blood flow. Physical Shock requires immediate medical attention and can worsen very rapidly. As a result, 1 in 5 people who suffer from pyshical shock will die.

If you’re in a car accident and go into shock, you will carry the phsyical attributes of such trauma. In other words, people can see your cuts, bruises, bandages, etc. But, with spiritual shock, it is much less evident. When we lose someone close to us, there is great grief. But, when the loss is sudden and tragic, it can leave us with “Spiritual Shock” above and beyond the grief. Shock to the Spirit is just as detrimental to our well being as shock is to our body.

The major system affected by shock, either phsyical or spiritual, is the heart! The scary part about spiritual shock is that in most cases, you cannot see it. Therefore, the people around you can add to the pain you carry, by making comments that are seemingly innocent in meaning, but can actually deepen the unseen wounds further. If people see the broken body, with all of the cuts and bruises, they recognize and understand this. It is the invisible wounds that people don’t recognize or understand.

Spiritual shock most often occurs immediately following the unexpected death of a loved one. It can last for weeks, months, and in some cases, years. If you or someone you know is experiencing spiritual shock, please read the angel’s guidance below.

The angel’s steps to treating spiritual shock:

(Please note: this is for the immediate treatment of a sudden and unexpected loss.)

1. Call upon Archangel Raphael. He is the Angel to call upon for healing “Spiritual Shock”. Say this prayer daily:

“Dear God, I call upon Archangel Raphael to surround me in Divine Healing Light and Love now. I ask that this Angel stay with me night and day bringing Divine Healing to me and everyone involved in this situation (briefly describe it.) Please help me and guide me to Divine and Perfect Health now and always. Thank you.”


2. Use Bach Flower Essence “Rescue Remedy”.

This can be used to ease your Spirit in cases of “Spiritual Shock”. In drop form, you can:

1. Add 4 -5 drops in a hot soothing bath.
2. Place 2-3 drops in your water bottle and sip throughout the day.
3. Place 1-2 drops directly under the tongue, or on your pulse points at your wrists and behind your ears.
4. Place 8 – 10 drops in 2 cups of
distilled water in a spray bottle and spritz your aura throughout the day. (Aura: the energetic field surrounding your physical body.)
And for extra “healing” place a small Rose Quartz inside your spray bottle. This water mixture will last for weeks! For more information:


3. Rose Quartz crystals

  1. Place around your home
  2. Place on nightstand or under your pillow
  3. Wear a rose quartz necklace, bracelet, or carry a crystal in your pocket.

*Cleanse and recharge their energy once a week by placing them in the window overnight for the moon and stars.


The Power of Words!

How will you use your words today?

Will your words heal, help break down walls of fear, bring people together, or separate them?

Will you think about the message of your words before you speak?


I start my Friday like any other day. Upon wakening, I thank God for another day of joy and miracles. I ask the angels to guide my words and actions throughout my day. I grab my coffee and off to work I go enjoying the cool, fall air and the beauty that PEI has to offer. 
I start my day with a Garth Brooks song entitled : We Shall Be Free! Have you heard it yet? It’s worth a listen.

The lyrics say:

When we’re free to love anyone we choose

When this world’s big enough for all different views

When we all can worship from our own kind of pew

Then we shall be free

When there’s only one race and that’s mankind

Then we shall be free

What a beautiful way to start my day! As the day progresses, I think about my upcoming Fall events across PEI. I’m excited and looking forward to holding my events in a couple of new communities across PEI and share messages with people from their angels and loved ones on the other side. I go to my emails to check on a rental request to a community hall which hosts live music, theatre, and other acts from across PEI. This is what I read:

We are careful, however, that we not use the facility for uses which would be in 
conflict with, or contradictory to our Christian faith. That would not only be going 
against our own faith, but also appear to send a contradictory message to the 
community at large, as to who we are and what we stand for.
We do respect all persons, and all religions, and as such, respect what you do. 
However, it is not in keeping with biblical teaching, 
and therefore 
we are not able to permit the use of our facility for your program. 
We do hope you understand.

Upon opening this email,  I open the lines of communication to God and the angels, and have a conversation with them that sounds like this:

          “What the heck is this??? You asked me to go to this part of PEI! “


          “You want me to pass on messages to people from their loved ones in heaven?”


          “And you want me to pass on messages from their angels?”


          “But yet, you still want me to experience being turned away by others because I do this?”

          “You are here for many a purpose. You are also here to educate people about what you         experience, and to pave the way for others like you, so that they too will understand that these types of judgements  will happen from time to time and they are not to be feared and you are not to judge the individuals, but simply to continue on your path. And for each single person that you encounter who feels this way towards you, there will be a hundred more who will benefit from your work here.”

I head to the gym for my daily workout with my sister. I tell her about the email. We laugh as we remember how my family found out that I was a medium. She confesses that when she first found out what I do, she thought that I was having a midlife crisis. That before I started doing this work, she thought that all people who claim to talk to angels and the dead were crazy! I ask her what she based her reasoning on? T.V.? Movies? Or simply nothing? She says it was simply how she felt. It was simply her opinion. We have a good laugh!

I head out to Friday evening supper with my younger son. The two of us go for pizza and a chat. He asks me how my day went. I reply, “Good”. I then explain my email experience to him. “Well”, he says, “Maybe the angels are testing your resilience in how you handle people and situations like this.” I take a moment to ponder this statement, as it resonates with a lot of truth for me. He continues, “And, aren’t we here to learn and grow from all of our experiences?” I feel the presence of angels speaking through him. I immediately feel a sense of peacefulness upon hearing these statements. And as I look into the eyes of this 21 year old, I reply, “Yes, you’re right.” I then remember how I started my day! “We Shall Be Free!” There is no such thing as coincidence!

As a professional psychic medium, I rent facilities across PEI for the purpose of public workshops, events, and in-person meetings. Today, I found out that not all public event halls are meant to be used by all individuals.

So, this is how I choose to use my words:

I thank God and the angels for experiences

that help me continue to grow and elevate in the knowledge

that everything is always working out for my highest and best good.

house clearing 1

Keep your words positive and full of faith in the knowledge that you do make a difference in this world! Keep going as I keep going! And besides, there will be another venue that would be more than happy to host my : “Evening of Spirit Messages”

Coming soon to a community near you! XO

 Angelic Miracles Happen!


LIFE IS PRECIOUS! Hang on, and take in everything that is so very wonderful in your life…even the challenging times, because guess what??? You have everything that you need to make it through to tomorrow! Some folks won’t have a tomorrow!

I live by this little motto. Sadly, not by choice though! I live with anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a life- long, life threatening allergy. If I get stung by a bee, wasp, or bitten by a black fly (YES, TRUE!!), my throat will swell instantly which closes off my airway leaving me unable to breathe and I need immediate medical attention. So, as to always be prepared, I carry two epi-pens, which are an automatic injecting needle of adrenaline, and some benydryl, which is supposed to help with the hives and swelling that accompanies a reaction. Every spring, I have to face my fears head on and live life as much as I possibly can. This is part of the reason why I purchased a convertible four years ago!

Last week, my daughter and I were enjoying a nice, slow paced morning while staying at our friend’s cottage on the North Shore of our beautiful Island. We decided to take a drive back to our house to run a few errands, so we headed to my car. As I walked to my car, I felt a sudden, but familiar burning on the tip of my toe. Once you’ve been stung by a wasp or bee, you never forget what it feels like. I knew instantly what I was experiencing, and wailed in total disbelief about what I knew I would experience next! I got to the safety of my car, calling all of the angels to my side immediately! I said, “Dear God and heavenly angels, help me now!” I managed to pull off my sandal, and saw the stinger on the side of my toe. I pulled it out immediately. I called to my daughter, and in my head I laid out the plan. You see, there is NO CELL PHONE SERVICE at the cottage. We still needed to drive five minutes down the cottage road before we’d receive any cell phone service. This was five minutes that I could not afford.

epi pen

Both my daughter and I knew we were at least 15 minutes from the nearest hospital, but yet, neither of us knew where exactly the hospital was located. So here was our next 2 minute conversation:

“O.K. Anna, I’ve been stung by a wasp. You will have to drive me to the hospital immediately. If I pass out before we arrive at the end of the cottage road (which takes a good 5 minutes), you will need to use my cell phone to call 911 and have an ambulance meet us en route to the hospital. You may also need to inject the epi-pen into my leg if I’m not able to. As she was unfamiliar with the roads, I told her that to get to the hospital, turn left onto the main road, keep driving and take your second right, and this road will take you behind the big stone church. From there, you will need to call on the angels to guide you to the hospital because I may not be conscious by then. And, I don’t know where the hospital is either. Just trust in the angels guidance! They will help!”

I reached into my purse, and grabbed my two epi-pens and benydryl. I took the benydryl immediately, and checked my symptoms. I could feel the swelling entering my foot, but my throat still felt good. I had the epi-pen at the ready just in case. I knew that my panic would increase my heart rate and bring the poison into my system faster, so I called on Archangel Raphael’s help, and the healing energy of Reiki to calm myself and slow my heart rate. I asked the angels to breathe for me. I activated the healing of Reiki. I closed my eyes, and connected with all of the healing energy from the universe and with each breath, I took the healing energy into my body and channelled it into my foot by placing my hands over the swollen areas. I also asked Archangel Michael to assist my daughter in driving the car, as I knew that because time was of an essence, the car would be travelling a little faster than normal.

angels and reiki

Obviously I’m here today…again…thank you God and angels for all of your assistance! I received a miracle! We arrived at the hospital 15 minutes later. I was taken immediately into observation, and kept a very close eye on for the next 1 1/2 hours. I did not need any more benydryl or an epinephrine injection that day! It was a miracle that I did not have a full blown anaphyactic reaction! The swelling stopped at my foot. I’m still in shock!

So, I say to you, please make the best of every day, as today could be your last. Life can change in an instant. Moral of the story: Call on your angels for help today!

All my love and many blessings,

Ronita Baird

miracles 2


Forgiveness: What’s it all really about?

The angels say that it is all about you! In fact, this article should read: Why should YOU be the one to carry unforgiveness towards another person or…yourself…one moment longer?!!!!

There have been times in my life that I have carried unforgiveness towards others over little things and big things too! I freely admit this now, but only a few years ago, I would have denied feeling this way. I thought that I was better than that!

Several years ago, as I began my journey to accept my life path as a psychic medium who works with the angelic realm, God and the angels would come to me everyday and talk to me about preparing for my path. One of the things that I had to do, was to release all of my unforgivenesses.

Every morning and evening as I sat on the edge of my bed, the archangel Michael would appear by my side and place one or more of my memories before me. These were memories spanning from my childhood to the present which represented an unforgiveness that I still carried in my soul. Some of the memories were still very painful. I would say to AA Michael that what the other person did was wrong. Why should I forgive? This is his answer:

“Carrying unforgiveness towards another is a choice. It is a decision not to be made lightly. It tarnishes the earth that you walk on and the soul within. It is a burden like no other. It is like taking poison yourself in hopes of poisoning another.” I would then say to him, “But I thought that I had long forgiven and forgotten!” And he would simply say to me, Ronita, please say the following:

I release that part of me which hangs onto anger and unforgiveness towards you (name of the person) and this situation now. I thank God and the universe for all that this situation has taught me. I release this to the light of God and I now accept Divine peace, love, and light into my soul. Thank you.”

As I would say this prayer, I would see archangel Michael open the palm of his hands before me and accept a ball of energy leaving my spirit. He would then take that energy and send it to the light. The energy would then be healed in God’s light and sent to someone on the earth in need of healed energy. Sometimes, I would have to repeat this prayer for a few days until it really felt like the energy of unforgiveness was gone and I was at peace. This scenario lasted for weeks. I wondered how many people could I have actually held unforgiveness toward? In fact, it was too many for too long!

Even as I continue on my path, I still get angry from time to time, but, I now know that my soul deserves healing and I honour my soul by asking God and the angels to take my unforgivenesses to the light for healing, transmutation, and redirection. I know that I’m not alone. I can call on God and the angels to help me at any time, as you can too. I call on God and the angels to help heal the situation and all of the people involved for our highest good. I thank God and the angels for bringing this situation to me, so that I can learn and grow. And I then accept only peace within my heart as I let go and let God.

I am no saint. I simply am who I am. My father lived with this poem and by this poem which I now gladly share with you:

dovedove right

Forgiveness is freeing for yourself as well as for others,

It frees you from carrying the burden of past resentments,

It allows you to release the past so that all your energy can be fully available for the present,

Forgiveness is the ultimate gift you can give yourself.

– Author Unknown

What is unforgiveness?

Unforgiveness is an energy that is real and powerful. It lives within a person’s being. Just like a deadly cancer, it will drain a person’s life force energy. It spreads and grows faster than any cancer tumour, hands down!

How does it form?

Unforgiveness forms within each of us when we are hurt. We’ve all been hurt at one time or another by people and situations in our lives. These hurts can be small or huge. The size of the hurt doesn’t really matter. When it comes to unforgiveness, just like cancer, it holds no prejudice. It will reside within any person it can!

Angel Message:

Each of us has carried unforgiveness towards another person at one time or another. It is a human experience. It is nothing to be ashamed of! It is normal. What is a healthy experience, is recognizing our feelings of unforgiveness, working through it, and then letting it go so that you can heal.

What if I don’t want to forgive someone?

This is your choice. Each of us is born with free will. This means that we are free to say, think, feel, and do what we choose to. If hanging onto unforgiveness is your choice, then that is what you choose to do. The angels are asking me to pass along exactly what your choice will look like:

1. You will carry energetic cancer within yourself each and every day of your life. It is called “unforgiveness”.

2. Your unforgiveness will grow and multiply within you with every hurtful situation you encounter, no matter how big or small. You will accummulate a mountain of unforgiveness in your lifetime.

3. This energy of unforgiveness is so incredibly contagious that it will spread to all of the people in your life. You will give this cancer to your spouse, your children, your family, friends, and co-workers.

4. Relationships, including your marriage, will quickly deteriorate. In fact, any type of healthy, intimate relationship will be short lived. People who are sensitive to this type of energy will find themselves disassociating with you very quickly.

5. This energy will develop into a physical illness. Energy of this kind is not healthy to the spirit or the body.

When you choose to hang onto unforgiveness, you choose to dishonour you.

                                                        It is your choice!

dali lama

Should Other People’s Opinions

About You Matter?


People will think about you what they choose to think about you, period! Should it matter to you? Read my story now…

I was born a psychic medium. Being born mediumistic means that as a child, I had the ability to see, hear, and feel the spirit world; the world of dead people and of angels. And because all mediums are psychic, it also means that I was and still am able to see, feel, and know things about people, places, and events that often defy reasoning. It’s just who I am.

As my gift became stronger and more developed, I could no longer deny it, nor keep quiet about it, so I embraced it and took on the daunting task of studying it. I’ve always been very independent and not afraid to try new things. But, unlike my degree in music education or my certificate in French, my studying of mediumship and psychic development meant travelling outside of the Maritimes and Canada to work with world renowned speakers, authors, and teachers of this subject area. A very daunting task indeed, often taking me way out of my comfort zone to explore and expand my gifts. But, up to this point,not only has it been tough at times, it’s also being extremely rewarding. At this point, I wouldn’t change anything!

So what do people think about me? People meaning the ones who grew up with me, who went to school with me, who’ve worked with me, who live beside me, who are related to me, or who are meeting me for the first time. Here it is in a nutshell…

What do people say to you about your work as a medium and angel therapist?

  • From someone meeting me for the first time:

So, What do you do?”

I’m a full time teacher and a part-time angel therapist and psychic medium.”

What’s a medium?”

Someone who talks to angels and dead people.”

With the shell shock face, “Do they talk back to you?”

Well, I certainly hope so! LOL!”

  • From a neighbor:

Ronita, how are you?”


How’s work?”

Great! I’ve been doing a lot with my angel therapy lately!”

Oh, let’s not talk about THAT!”

  • From several people who have grown up with me or worked with me:

I hear you’re a psychic medium! So, how’d you get into THAT!?!?”

  • From complete strangers:

“She’s crazy! People don’t do THAT!

  • From those who know my family:

“Oh, she’s Eddy Quinn’s sister, she can’t be too weird!”

Odd one out: black sheep of family

Has anyone who’s known you before coming out, started to treat you differently?

I would have to say that 90% of the people who have known me treat me exactly the same as they did before they found out that I’ve been a medium all of my life. Most tell me that they’re not surprised.



What about the other 10%? How do they treat you differently?

Well, since I’ve come “out of the closet” there are some people who choose to walk in the other direction when they see me in the grocery store, where once they would have made it a point to approach me and say hello.

Others simply avoid having too much to do with me, limiting any kind of conversation.

Some will not talk about that side of my life with me at all. They’ll talk to me, but not about THAT.

Some are downright rude!

Have you ever had anyone attack you verbally after finding out what you do?

Yes, I have. Here is one of my stories about how rude people can really be. As my father spent his final days of life at the KCMH, he shared a room with a lovely gentleman who was also experiencing dementia, but not in it’s final stages like my father. As my father had lost his speech at that point, and slept most of the time, my time in his hospital room was spent with this gentleman roommate and his visiting daughter. We (myself as well as my family) shared more than a few conversations during those weeks. These private moments with others are sacred in a sense. But, as my father went into his final stage of life, he was moved to a private hospice care room. The day Dad passed away, my Mom and I stopped by the hospital room of this older gentleman and his daughter to let them know that Dad had just passed away and to bid our farewell and best wishes to them. It would be later that summer that I would be giving readings at the Montague Farmers Market when the gentleman’s daughter approached me to say hello. But, when she discovered my true identity, her reaction was unbelievably rude and hurtful. Her words and actions spoke volumes as she attempted to belittle me in a public place. I quickly called upon my angels to give me strength and said to her with compassion in my voice, “ I truly wish you all of the best with your father’s illness.”


This type of behaviour and reaction to me is quite rare, but does exist. This story is just one of a handful and the angels have never guided me to write about them until now.

The angels tell me that some people will love you, some will find you interesting, and some will want nothing to do with you. And, I should NEVER take any of the aforesaid personally as it is not a reflection of me, but of them. My very first medium teacher, James Van Praagh said, “The first thing you need to know about being a medium is that IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS ABOUT YOU!” And since that moment on, I have adopted that statement into my daily life!

download (9)

So when it comes to what other people think about you should it matter? Well, truth be told, it is your decision! Do you know anyone who has lived their entire life based on what someone else thinks they should or shouldn’t be?

The angels say that this is your life! Your life is your classroom. You can take a lifetime to learn a lesson, or you can learn your lesson instantly. It’s your choice. So, if you choose to live your life based on someone else’s thoughts, go for it! If you choose to be your totally awesome self and express your individuality, spread love and light, and be of service to others. Good for you! I choose to be my authentic self each and everyday for the rest of my life with the love and support of my family and friends both here and in spirit, and with God and the angels guiding my every step.

I hope that you are able to love yourself for who you truly are and shine on dear one!

Archangel Michael

Dear God and heavenly Father, I call upon all of heaven’s help (angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, deceased loved ones) to guide me and support me in letting my true inner light shine on this earth each and everyday of my life now. Surround me with loving like minded people so that I do not have to feel alone, and keep the rest away. Give me signs each and everyday that I will truly recognize and know that I am living my Divine life’s purpose now. Thank you.

Can other people’s energy affect you?

psychic vampire

As we go about our daily lives, we’re all so “busy” that we don’t stop to think about how our own energy intertwines with all of the people that we have interacted with throughout our day.

How many people have you exchanged energy with in a 24 hour period?

Face to face? Texts? Facebook? Email? Telephone?

  • You have left a part of your energy with each of them, and in turn, you have taken a part of their energy with you!

How many places have you been in that 24 hour period?

Your home? Work? Grocery store? Bank?

If you are a sensitive, you are affected by these unseen energies! Energy exchange is a constant!

How to recognize if you’re sensitive to this energy exchange?

Sensitive people feel other people’s energy as an additive to their own energy. This can be felt on many levels including physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The most common way is Emotionally.

Sensitive people will feel other people’s emotions for no other reason than the fact that they’ve been in contact with someone who is feeling a particular emotion. For example: a friend is feeling lonely because their spouse is away working for extended periods of time, and they feel lonely in the evenings and on the weekends. You happen to find yourself feeling down at the exact same times. This is emotional sensitivity at an extreme level.

Also frequent, but not as common are:

Physically: Sensitives can absorb other people’s aches and pains. Have you ever had an unexpected headache at the same time as someone else in your house? Perhaps, your knee starts to ache at the same time as a colleague is experiencing pain…in the same knee! These pains are real because you absorbed this energy from someone else.

Spiritually: Spiritual absorption of another’s energy is the most intense! It can be described as an intimate bond between the two spirits. You feel the same way another person feels. You may often experience similar dreams, and have similar thoughts without even realizing it. For example, a friend calls you to tell you her marriage is over…a complete blindside to her! You begin to feel her emotions, her physical pain or heart ache, and then, you can’t sleep or eat. Your dreams merge with hers. It’s as if a part of you takes on a part of her aching soul! This is by far the most intense energy drain on you!

The angel’s guide to equal and loving energy exchange:

1. First, recognize that the exchange of Love should be a constant in your life! All living beings deserve to feel loved. Try this morning prayer: I love, I am loved, I am Love! This is your Divine right! Instead of taking one someone else’s energy, send them love and light in your prayers.

Also, you can focus on love and heart healing for yourself and others with this heart centred visualization exercise:

2.Try meditating with AA Michael, to clear and shield your energy. There are many angel meditations on youtube. Here is a link to one by Doreen Virtue to clear and shield your energy with Archangel Michael:

3. Choose to only surround yourself with positive, loving people. This honours you and your Divinity!

4. Take sea salt baths regularly. Add 2 cups of sea salt to a bath, soak for 20 minutes, then rinse salt off. This is cleansing to the heart, mind, body, and spirit!

5. Use crystals like rose quartz, rainbow fluorite, and snowflake obsidian. Carry them in your pocket. They keep you grounded and they act as a buffer zone to other people’s energy.

6. Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine or moon shine; not the PEI type…lol!… but the moon and the stars type! Mother nature, along with the nature angels cleanse and heal your spirit.

7. Choose a positive outlook and attitude on life. Laugh off what doesn’t matter!

8. Let go and let God! You’re not here to change everyone and everything! Give it to God and the angels.  Send out healing prayers and thoughts to others, then, LET GO!

9. Ask your angels to guide you in maintaining your energy. Then, follow their guidance. Remember, they’ll continue to show you “signs” until you get it just right!

10. Say this prayer daily, “Dear God, Guardian angels, and Archangel Michael, Please surround me in your love and light daily, so that I may truly focus on living my highest, divine life purpose; knowing that my energy remains with me and other’s energy remains with them for our highest and greatest good always. Thank you.”

Love and Blessings,

doveRonita Baird, dove right

The Prince Edward Island Medium and Angel Therapist



Angels and Addiction

Addictions. What are they? How do you cope with an addiction? How do you live with the addicted?

Addiction comes in many forms! It’s not as simple as drugs, alcohol, or anger any more! Addictions can manifest as control issues, food, sex, drama, always being a victim, or you can be co-addicted to a spouse; supporting the behaviour of the addicted person in your life.

If you are sitting on the fence about healing, the angels can support and guide you. You don’t have to cope on your own! Michael and Raphael are the two leading angels to help you start your path to recovery, and heal your addictions.

aa michael 2

Call on Archangel Michael to help you. He will guide you, protect you, and teach you  life lessons as you commit to healing. Whether you are the addicted or the co-addicted, he will encourage you to commit to healthy life changes. Archangel Michael’s energy will be constantly by your side. He will love you like you were his own child. He will protect you. He will dish out tough love when you need it. He will see you through the toughest days and nights as you take the necessary steps to taking control back in your life. He will lovingly open much needed doors to healing opportunities and guide the right healers to you. Do not underestimate this Archangels ability to guide you through the necessary life changes that are needed to cope during this period of your life! When you lack the courage and strength, he will lend you his! Call on him now!


Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing. Calling on this angel to work with you to attain perfect, divine health now, will bring Raphael to you immediately. Raphael will help you to heal your addictions. He will guide the heart, mind, body, and soul of the healers that you are guided to. Calling on this Archangel can bring about a miracle of healing, if that is what you truly desire. Archangel Raphael’s energy is so gentle that you may not even notice his healing energy around you.



God has also recently introduced me to another type of angel. He has named this angel: The Angel of Miracles! These angels work closest to God. The few times that I have been blessed with seeing them, they have appeared as Divine White Light in the shape of an angel with wings. Their presence is so Divine, that it’s breathtaking to view. Peace has washed over me like a veil of light in their presence. It’s an incredible experience that is difficult to put into words. I am humbled each time I view one of them. I know that I have been shown these angels because I’m meant to share their existence with all of you! Please, call on an angel of miracle to help someone today.

Whether you call on these angels for yourself, a family member, or a friend, these angels will appear by the person’s side and work with them and the people around them tirelessly; for their highest good and only their highest good. This means that they will put the individual’s best interest first.

Please remember, that angels work in mysterious ways. Perhaps you’ll receive your healing miracle instantly. Perhaps it may take weeks, months, or years. But, please know that every time you call on an angel, they will instantly appear by a person’s side. You are doing all that you can to help! The rest must be left to God, the angels, and the person. It is their life, and always their decision! You cannot give the God and His angels a time ultimatum! The angels will never interfere with a person’s free will. But, they will never leave that person’s side…ever! Know that calling in an angel is a gift to their spirit and yours as well.

Here are a few healing aids from the angels for you, the addicted, and the co-addicted to help heal their spirits on their journey to health:

1. Call on Raphael and Michael. Use the following prayer:

Dear God and Heavenly Father, I call upon Archangels Michael and Raphael to bring divine healing to (person’s name). I ask that they receive all of heaven’s help now to heal away all addictions, fears, and residual energies to addiction in all directions of time and space. Dissolve all cords which are no longer serving them and their divine life purpose now. Surround them with Heaven’s love and healing light and bring them to divine and perfect health in all ways now. Thank you.”

2. Use amethyst and rose quartz. Wear, carry, or place these crystals on your nightstand. In combination, these crystals help to heal away addictive thoughts and behaviours. Cleans and re-charge your crystals once a week by placing them on a window ledge overnight.

amethyst and rose quartz

3.The angels also recommend a St. Francis of Assisi medal. Place it around your neck or in your wallet. Regardless of your religioius belief system, this ascended master’s energy brings a feeling of peace to it’s wearer.


4. Take sea salt baths often. 2 cups of sea salt with lavender or rose essential oils. Always rinse with a 2 -3 minute shower.

5. Get fresh air and sunshine as often as you can!

6. Try a natural healing method such as Angel therapy, Reiki, acupuncture, acupressure, or whichever healing method you feel guided to. These natural healing modalites are so healing to a person’s spirit! It really will make a big difference!

Please remember:

Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is serious!

Talk to you family physician. They can help!



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“WHY ME?!”

  • Why am I in this situation?

  • Why does this always happen to me?
  • Why me?????

Do you find yourself feeling this way often? Do you “fall back” into a pattern of going to bed, pulling the covers over your head, eating too much, hoping that it will just all go away on it’s own? I certainly admit that I have had these episodes in my life, until I decided to change! If you’re looking for a postive change in this behaviour, then “spring forward” with the angels today. So, just as we move our clocks ahead with the upcoming change of seasons, here’s how:

Everyone will experience these thoughts at one point or another in our lives! It is a human experience. What we don’t understand though, is how very powerful these thoughts are! Thoughts are real, live energy that travels directly to the Universe or God or the Divine (choose whichever terminology that suits your belief systems). These statements tell the Universe that this is what we want in our lives, so please bring it on!

Here’s what the above statements really tell the Universe:

1. “Why does this always happen to me” means: I want this to happen to me!

2. The word “always” means: Please keep me on this repetitve treadmill forever!

3. The “Why me?” states: I am a victim!

When I find myself or my close friends making these statements, I give them (myself included) 24 hours to feel down, then it’s time to make changes! No exceptions!

Here’s the angel’s take on these statements:

1. You are never victim! You are a powerful being that is here on this earth to learn and grow. Take back your power and change you!

Thank you God and Universe for giving me an opportunity to learn and grow now. I know that I am powerful! I am fully and wholly supported by God, the Universe, my guardian angels, and anyone else that I wish to call in to guide and help me, including the archangels, Jesus, Mary, Buda, etc. And because of this support, I am fully and wholly supported by the people in my life as I journey through this learning experience. Thank you.”

2. All of our behaviours are repetitive. Will you allow yourself to “fall back” into patterns of old behaviours?! Or, will you “spring forward” with change?!

Dear God, I call upon archangels Michael and Raphael to work with me day and night, guiding me and healing me from my addictive and repetitive patterns of behaviour which do not serve my highest self or my Divine life purpose any more. Please help me to break these patterns of behaviours for my highest good now! I now accept powerful and positive people and situations in my life! I derserve this now!Thank you!”

3. Why not me? Why would I wish a situation on anyone else?

Thank you God and angels for bringing me a very important soul growing experience now! I know that I AM a powerful lightworker! I know that I AM fully supported in all that I say, think, feel, and do! I KNOW that God and all of the angels are fully guiding me to my next step. Thank you for guiding me to my new adventure now!”

images (14)

I’d love to share all of my stories of coming out the other side of the “why me’s” with you today, and I will someday, just not today. Instead, the angels have asked me to add this link below to one woman’s story. This lady grew up in my community and even babysat my kids when they were little. Her story of overcoming life’s situations is truly one of inspiration! I love it and I know that you will too!

For more benefits to running, check out this link:

35 Amazing Health Benefits of Running, According to Science (+10 Tips for Beginners)

All my love,

Ronita Baird

The PEI Medium


Guardian Angels: Who are they?


Who or what are Guardian Angels?

Guardian angels are Divine beings, meaning they have never been human! They work directly between God, or the Universal love and light, and humans. They are neither male, nor female, but carry the feminine and male energy equally within them.

Each person has at least two guardian angels by their side. Guardian angels do not work with multiple people. Guardian angels work with thier individual charge. They may never interfere with a person’s life choices. They simply guide, support, and comfort their beloved charge. As each person has been gifted with free will, the only time a guardian angel would ever interfere with someone’s life is if you found yourself in mortal danger and it wasn’t your time to die. Many people have lived to tell the tale of that one time in which something miraculous happened in the last few seconds which saved their lives.

How do Guardian angels communicate with us?

Our guardian angels are constantly trying to communcate with us, but they use a different language…not of the spoken kind! The best way to describe how they communicate to us is by placing positive, uplifting thoughts in our mind each day. They love to help us solve problems and assist us in stepping it into our happier tomorrow sooner. They will often place these thoughts in our minds when we are most open to receiving them: which is as we begin to wake up. Sometimes these thoughts can be taken as dreams, but in reality, they are our guardian angels communicating with us. Have you ever experienced that perfect new idea, or the solution to an existing problem in your thoughts as you wake up? Sometimes, my angels ask me to take a nap just so they can talk to me. Who am I to argue with that?

They also send us signs that give us hope. Some of the ways are to send us a nature signal like a bird, butterfly, or dragonfly at our window in the morning, angelic shaped clouds in the sky, songs on the radio, rainbows in the sky, coins and feathers appearing out of nowhere, or animals directly in our path or line of site; animals that we wouldn’t ordinarily see. Just this morning, even though we are currently under a snow blizzard, a small bird appeared at my patio door just as I had gotten up and was preparing my breakfast. I have no idea how this little bird was able to be there with 110km per hour winds…but he was!


Do our Guardian angels have a name?

The angels tell me that if you wish to name your guardian angels, you may! Children will frequently name their guardian angels and many adults will remember having named at least one of their guardian angels when they were a child. The angels say that names are a human experience, not an angelic experience. We, as humans ,want to name everyone and everything, but in the spirit realm, names are irrelevant. It is their energy or vibration, or in other words their spiritual essence, which differentiates each angel, not a name.

Can I ask my angels for help?

Yes, please ask your angels for help! As soon as I open my eyes in the morning, I thank God and the angels for another day, and I continue to call on them throughout my day. I ask them to drive with me to work, to help me stay focused on my diet, to help me get to my exercise class on time, to help me be the best that I can be at work, to get me that perfect parking spot, to guide me to a bargain. The list is endless. The angels tell me that no task is too small, and that we should never be worried that we are bothering them or asking for too much help. It is their greatest pleasure to help each of us to move forward in life and to help us to fulfill our Divine life pupose.

Here is a prayer to call on your guardian angels:

“Dear God and guardian angels, I call upon you to help me in my life now. I ask for help with the following (briefly describe situation or event). Guide me in all that I think, say, feel, and do so that I may truly walk my divine life path with courage, strength, and commitment. Please send me a sign that I will truly recognize to know that you are always with me. Thank you.”


Message from the Guardian Angels:

“Beloved ones, we are here for you right now. Please know that you are never alone, for we have committed to you from the moment of your birth. We continue to walk with you each and every day of your life. Please call on us daily for whatever you need. You are God’s perfect child, and it is our gift to be with you on your divine life’s path.”

Ronita Baird, The PEI Medium and Angel Therapist

angel cloud


heart cloud