The Spiritual Healing Benefits of Salt!


Growing up on an island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and breathing in that fresh sea salt air, I always took for granted the beauty and healing benefits of this little island. Summertime was time spent at the local beaches. Swimming lessons, clam digging, and just hanging out with friends were a daily occurrence. Who knew the healing benefits that it had on us? If you had a cut, the natural remedy was the salt water. If you were having a bad day, the natural remedy was a drive to the beach. It wouldn’t be until years later that I realized the natural healing abilities of sea salt. It’s readily available and so very healing. Here are some of my favorite uses of sea salt.

Sea Salt Bath (not epsom salt!!): This is essential to anyone who is highly sensitive! A sea salt bath will cleanse your energy field and leave you feeling calm and peaceful and it promotes a better sleep. It also helps to ground your energy during a full moon, solstice shift, or a planetary alignment like we just experienced this past summer.

Directions: Add 2 cups to a hot bath, soak for 20 min., then rinse.

If you don’t have a tub, melt the salt in warm water and use a shower scrunchie to rub the salt water all over your body, then rinse.

Alternatives: sea salt hand scrub, sea salt in the basin of a hot shower, or a foot soak.

Sea Salt Spray: Dissolve 1 cup of sea salt in a cup of warm water, adding a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to create an energy boosting spray to be used throughout your day or between clients. For best results, spray over your body, in the air of your treatment room, or any area in need of a cleanse.

Table Salt: Place 1/4 cup of ordinary table salt into a saucer and place on your night stand (or any room of the house) for a peaceful night’s sleep. The salt will ground the energy in the room, ground your energy as you sleep, and bring a sense of calm to any room.

This is great for children who have bad dreams and also for adults who have fears around the dark and the night. In the morning, empty the saucer into your drain with a prayer of thanks to mother earth.

Detox Bath Soak:

Mix equal parts sea salt, epsom salts, and baking soda in a container. Add 3 – 4 drops of your favorite essential oils ( lavender or rose absolute), mix well. Place 1 – 2 cups in a hot bath. Soak for 20 minutes, then rinse.

Store in an airtight container (mason jar) and use as needed. This mixture draws toxins out of the body as well as leaves you feeling calm and peaceful.

Alternatives:                                                                                                                                            A drive to the beach, a walk on the beach, or a meditation to connect with the healing energy of the ocean.