Private sessions are booked weekly

 In-Person (Montague office)

Telephone, or Zoom video calling

Types of Private Sessions Available are:

One to One Mentorship click here for details

Angel Readings (One on One)

If you have questions or need guidance about life, career, finances, relationship, health of yourself or any family member, an angel reading is for you! Connecting with your angels can give you specific guidance as to your next step, leave you feeling more peaceful, and give you foresight as to what’s next in life for you.

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Initial or follow up appointment: 60 minutes Cost: $125

30 minute Follow-up (existing clients ony): $65

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Medium Readings (talking to deceased) (One on One)

A medium reading is your opportunity to connect with loved ones or friends who are deceased. During a medium reading, Ronita connects with your loved ones and passes on messages of inspiration and healing, as well as teaching you how your loved ones say hello from heaven on a regular basis.

Medium Reading 60 minutes : $125

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Combined Reading (One on One)

Medium (talking to deceased) and Angel Reading (messages for life guidance)

details as above

booked for 60 minutes : $125

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Medium Family Reading (talking to the same deceased) (3 – 5 people)

A family reading is booked by members of the same family who wish to receive messages from a specific family member.

Example: Mom, Dad, and siblings meet to receive messages from a deceased child.

Example: Siblings meet to receive messages from deceased mother/father/ and/or sibling.

During a family reading, Ronita gives each family member a message of inspiration and hope as well as guiding each family member as to how to continue on their journey to healing and receiving heavenly “hellos” on a regular basis.

( 3 – 5 people) booked for 60 minutes: $200

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Small Group Readings:

Private group of 8 – 10 people

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Theta Healing (One one One)

Theta healing is a powerful noninvasive healing modality which heals the root of any physical, emotional, social, or spiritual level.

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Initial healing session: 60 minutes: $125

Follow-ups may be booked for 30 or 60 minutes:

Cost for 30 minutes: $65, 60 minutes: $125

Please contact for available times

Email me:

call (leave message) 902-838-5031

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“Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the wonderful and healing experience you opened up for me at my private reading. This was my first-time experience for a one-on-one reading , and I have to admit, was apprehensive leading up to it.  However, now, I feel a lightness I haven’t felt in a long time and I hope and pray that sometime in the future we can meet again.”
Nancy Murphy
Charlottetown, PEI