Signs from Spirit

Do the dead really send us signs? The answer is that they never stop sending us signs!!!! Spirit people(the deceased ) are always checking in on us and sending us signs and signals. They never stop!


When my Dad passed away, I received signs non-stop. The first big one was the day of Dad’s wake. Dad had made us a flag pole a few years before his passing. It stood tall on the hill at our place, right beside the driveway, so you could see it as you entered our yard. Dad was one who was always concerned about our safety, and would often check things out when he came up to make sure all was in good order. As his wake was held from 2 – 4 that afternoon, and supper was provided for the family by some kind neighbors, we struggled to get time to slip home to our house to freshen up before the evening wake, but managed to grab a half hour along the way. We drove up the lane towards our house, and much to our surprise, our flag pole was lying directly across our path. It looked like it had been placed there on purpose. My husband and I just looked at one another and said, “Wow, how lucky are we?! Dad must have laid it there before it could do any harm to anyone or anything!” Upon later inspection, we discovered that the flag pole had completely rotted at the base and would have come down at anytime. But, it didn’t, because Dad was watching over us from heaven!



The second sign would come only a couple of weeks later. As Dad had passed in mid-December, winter had began to set in. All of the trees had lost their leaves, and the ground had a light dusting of snow. One doesn’t usually notice their ornamental trees or flower beds at this time of the year, but one afternoon, something caught our eye. You see, the previous summer, I had lost my cherry tree. My lovely little cherry tree that I had had for 5 years had been run over by the tractor. An unfortunate incident which left a snapped trunk with a few sparse branches protruding about 3 1/2 feet above the ground. I watched this little tree die as a result. I had checked it in September to see if I could feel any life from it, but the trunk felt and looked completely dried up. “No hope”, I thought to myself. I figured at that point, that I’d leave it ’till the spring. But that late December day, as I got out of my car, I looked into my young orchard and the one little tree that I was certain was dead was covered, litterly covered, in bright green leaves at Christmas! A miracle for sure! One of spirit’s favorite signs is to touch a plant with life out of season! I’ll never forget that one.


Dad's horses

The next one, that I remember, came the following summer. My Dad was a horseman! He loved horses and would spend the latter years of his life caring and training these majestic creatures. He was like a horse whisperer, he had such a gentle manner with them. So it came as no surprise to me that I pull into my regular parking spot on our red dirt lane, open my door, and gaze on the ground to see a horseshoe protruding through the previously barren ground. For all of the 13 years that I had parked in that exact spot, nothing had ever presented itself to me before. I picked it up and took it inside. I kept this little treasure as my sign from heaven.

I also have to talk about the number of spirit orbs that showed up in our funeral photos the day of Dad’s funeral as well! Spirit orbs are our loved ones’ energy patterns which can show up in photographs. They are translucent and perfectly round in shape. They will often be found just over someone’s head or shoulder, or directly in front of the heart. We certainly were surrounded by spirit folk that day.

This family came home from their loved ones’ funeral to this sign. Amazing!

rainbow sign

Common signs from our loved ones in heaven:

Please note: these signs will often appear just as we are thinking about our loved ones, or are in need of a pick me up. The birds and insects will often appear in the oddest places and the plant life will often bloom out of regular season.

1. Birds

2. Insects such as dragonflies, butterflies, ladybugs

3. Plants, bushes, and trees

4. Music

5. Clouds and Rainbows

6. Shiny coins or pennies

7. Feathers

Try this prayer to ask for your sign:

Dear God, I call upon you and the angels in heaven to bring me clear signs from my loved one(s) (say names) that I will truly recognize and understand, so that I know they are alright. Guardian angels, please guide me and give me faith so that I may receive all of the signs that are sent to me now. Thank you.

Ask and have faith, and it shall be.

All my love,

Ronita Baird, The PEI Medium