“I still can hardly put into words what my time spent with you meant to me. It was a terrific experience for sure!” 

Liz Meerburg, Charlottetown, PEI
To the woman who opened my eyes to hope in a dark time , who released my grief and brightened my outlook . I thank you . I had a wonderful reading and would highly recommend Ronita!
Megan Fraser, Montague PEI
“I want to thank you so much for the reading…it was such a wonderful experience. I know for sure my mother was there as there is such a story about her wedding ring and how I came to be the one to have it. I am so glad to know my family is happy on the other side.”

Trudi McAskill, Stratford, PEI

We truly enjoyed our session. We were flying on cloud nine all day. It was wonderful to be able to connect with our love ones. I am most grateful to the angels for all the messages concerning my
health. You do a great service, and are very good at your work.
Thanks again and God Bless

Barbara and Bobby McInnis, Tignish, PEI

“Bless you and the Angels and God for today for bringing healing to my soul.”
Merina Currie
Cornwall, PEI


“Ronita is an amazing medium offering detailed information and comforting messages from my deceased loved one. Her messages were delivered with ease and a sense of compassion. I certainly would recommend, Ronita.”

 -Karen Forrest,   BN, CD Canadian Bestselling author of Angels of the Maritimes
Halifax, N.S.

“Because of my reading with Ronita, I have had the most peaceful week!  Best sleeps in a very, very long time!! Thank you for teaching me, and reminding me, about the power of prayer and of angels! I trust that spirit or the angels know what we need to hear.  I needed to hear all that I did! I look forward to having a reading again!”

Nora Cummins,

Charlottetown, P.E.I.

“I have received readings with Ronita since July, 2010. In these readings Ronita connected with my Son, who died suddenly and tragically in a fatal truck accident and my dear Mother, who I was so close to.   ‘Ronita, May God’s gift to you help others as much as it has helped me!’ “
Agnes Vandembremt

Charlottetown, P.E.I.


“Ronita, I am very thankful for your ability to connect with people who have passed on. I was having a really hard time dealing with my Dad’s passing until I saw you. You were so accurate about everything (you couldn’t make it up), and your messages made me believe and feel at ease, knowing that my Dad is still with me. Thank you for helping me accept his passing, and move forward. It’s also a blessing I am able to still connect with him through you. Thank you for embracing your gift. “
Ashley MacLellan
Cardigan, P.E.I.

Ronita, Thank you so much for you help last year at the time of my Nanny’s passing. At that time in my life not only did it help, but it gave me reassurance that Nanny was going to be o.k., and it will never be forgotten. Thank you more than words can say.
Amy Crockett Village Green, Prince Edward Island

I have had a Reading with Ronita. I would highly recommend her.
Marlene Hughes, Fort Augustus, Prince Edward Island