The Archangels

“It is our Divine Mission to help you… you need only ask.” The Angels


“Here is a reference page of the Fifteen Archangels that I often talk about and see with people during my workshops, events, and readings,”

Blessings, Ronita

Ariel “Lioness of God”: This Archangel works tirelessly on behalf of our planet. Call on Ariel if you need courage,  help with manifesting your earthly needs, or if you find an injured animal. Ariel aids environmentalists.

Aura Color: Pale Pink

Crystal: Rose Quartz


Azrael “Whom God Helps”: This Archangel helps newly departed souls cross over, helps people who are grieving. She aids counsellors.


Aura Color: Creamy White

Crystal: Yellow Calcite


Chamuel “He Who Sees God”: Call upon this Angel is you’ve lost something and need help to find it. Whether it be your car keys, or a new job, Chamuel will help.

Aura Color: Pale Green

Cyrstal: Flourite


Gabriel “God Is My Strength”:  Call upon this Archangel to overcome procrastination, to aid couples in conceiving a child, and to clearly communicate your truth. Gabriel aids all writers, journalists, and teachers.

Aura Color: Copper

Crystal: Copper

Haniel “”Grace of God”: Call upon this Angel when you wish to add grace, peace, and harmony to your life, releasing the old, unwanted  energies.

Aura Color: Pale Blue (Moonlight)  Crystal: Moonstone


Jeremiel “Mercy of God”:  If you’re feeling stuck, and need encouragement to attain your life’s goals, call upon Jeremiel.

Aura Color: Dark Purple

Crystal: Amethyst

Jophiel “Beauty of God”: Call upon Jophiel to beautify your thoughts and home. She assists all artists.


Aura Color: Dark Pink

Crystal: rubellite or deep pink tourmaline


Metatron “Angel of the Presence”: Metatron helps highly sensitive people, especially the young; known as the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children.

Aura Color: Violet and Green

Crystal: Watermelon Tourmaline


Michael “He Who Is As God”: Michael helps to alleviate all fears and put you on your Divine Life Path. Call upon Michael if you are making life changes. You can also call upon Michael to provide protection for you, your loved ones, and your material possessions. He aids police officers.

Aura Color: Royal Purple, Royal Blue, and Gold

Crystal: Sugilite

Raguel “Friend of God”: If you feel that you’re being treated unfairly, call upon Raguel will give you guidance to restore harmony to your relationships. He also helps you to find new friends.

Aura Color: Pale Blue

Crystal: Aquamarine


Raphael “God Heals”: Call upon Raphael if you or anyone you know, including your pets, needs healing. To all who travel, call upon Raphael to ensure a safe and harmonious trip.

Aura Color: Emerald Green

Crystal: Emerald or Malachite


Raziel “Secret of God”:  Call upon Raziel to help interpret your dreams. He also helps in remembering and healing past lives.

Aura Color: Rainbow Colors

Crystal: Clear Quartz


Sandalphon “Brother”: Call upon Sandalphon as he heals and clears energies with music. He also will help with the manifestation of your prayers.

Aura Color: Turquoise

Crystal: Turquoise


Uriel “God Is Light”: If you have a problem, call upon Uriel to help you think clearly and find answers. Uriel works with students. Ask for his help with your studies.

Aura Color:  Yellow

Crystal: Amber


Zadkiel “Righteousness Of God”: Call upon Zadkiel to improve your memory. He also helps students.  He also helps with forgiveness.

Aura Color: Deep Indigo Blue

Crystal: Lapis Lazuli