“WHY ME?!”

  • Why am I in this situation?

  • Why does this always happen to me?
  • Why me?????

Do you find yourself feeling this way often? Do you “fall back” into a pattern of going to bed, pulling the covers over your head, eating too much, hoping that it will just all go away on it’s own? I certainly admit that I have had these episodes in my life, until I decided to change! If you’re looking for a postive change in this behaviour, then “spring forward” with the angels today. So, just as we move our clocks ahead with the upcoming change of seasons, here’s how:

Everyone will experience these thoughts at one point or another in our lives! It is a human experience. What we don’t understand though, is how very powerful these thoughts are! Thoughts are real, live energy that travels directly to the Universe or God or the Divine (choose whichever terminology that suits your belief systems). These statements tell the Universe that this is what we want in our lives, so please bring it on!

Here’s what the above statements really tell the Universe:

1. “Why does this always happen to me” means: I want this to happen to me!

2. The word “always” means: Please keep me on this repetitve treadmill forever!

3. The “Why me?” states: I am a victim!

When I find myself or my close friends making these statements, I give them (myself included) 24 hours to feel down, then it’s time to make changes! No exceptions!

Here’s the angel’s take on these statements:

1. You are never victim! You are a powerful being that is here on this earth to learn and grow. Take back your power and change you!

Thank you God and Universe for giving me an opportunity to learn and grow now. I know that I am powerful! I am fully and wholly supported by God, the Universe, my guardian angels, and anyone else that I wish to call in to guide and help me, including the archangels, Jesus, Mary, Buda, etc. And because of this support, I am fully and wholly supported by the people in my life as I journey through this learning experience. Thank you.”

2. All of our behaviours are repetitive. Will you allow yourself to “fall back” into patterns of old behaviours?! Or, will you “spring forward” with change?!

Dear God, I call upon archangels Michael and Raphael to work with me day and night, guiding me and healing me from my addictive and repetitive patterns of behaviour which do not serve my highest self or my Divine life purpose any more. Please help me to break these patterns of behaviours for my highest good now! I now accept powerful and positive people and situations in my life! I derserve this now!Thank you!”

3. Why not me? Why would I wish a situation on anyone else?

Thank you God and angels for bringing me a very important soul growing experience now! I know that I AM a powerful lightworker! I know that I AM fully supported in all that I say, think, feel, and do! I KNOW that God and all of the angels are fully guiding me to my next step. Thank you for guiding me to my new adventure now!”

I’d love to share all of my stories of coming out the other side of the “why me’s” with you today, and I will someday, just not today. Instead, the angels have asked me to add this link below to one woman’s story. This lady grew up in my community and even babysat my kids when they were little. Her story of overcoming life’s situations is truly one of inspiration! I love it and I know that you will too!



For more benefits to running, check out this link:


All my love,

Ronita Baird

The PEI Medium