Available Workshops and Lecutures

Full Day Workshops

Angel Communication Level One 

This full day workshop focuses on:

  • Who are the angels?
  • The fifteen archangels Ronita works with.
  • Four easy ways to communicate with the angelic realms
  • Meditative Tools to increase your ability to receive angel messages
  • Angel Oracle Card use

Angel Communication Level 2

Pre-requisite: Angel Communication level 1


This full day workshop focuses on:

  • Deepening your connection with each archangel.
  • (Archangels 101 by Doreen Virtue is recommended reading)
  • Lift any blocks and fears to angel communication
  • Learning to open, use, and close down your clairs (chakras)
  • Increase the clarity of messages for yourself and others
  • Unwritten rules of Channeling from the angels

Angel Communication Level 3

Full 2 day certification

  • Preparing Your Space/Tools/Self
  • Recognizing and Clearing negative energy/attachments
  • Healing and integrating all modalities of healing.
  • Mediumship (Talking to dead): What you need to know
  • Leaving your experiences out of your angel communications
  • Professional Do’s and Don’ts 

Level 3 will take you to a professional level with goals to integrate Angel Communication into your daily life and/or your professional life with joy and ease.

Pre-requisite: Angel Communication level 1 and 2

Energy, Intuition,  and the Highly Sensitive Person

  • Do you take on other people’s emotions and pains?
  • Are you the helper/fixer personality?
  • Do you work “hands-on” with people?
  • Become drained emotionally and/or physically at the end of the day?

In  this  in depth, full day workshop, Ronita Baird, PEI’s Medium, will teach you specific techniques as to how you recognize, release, re energize, and release all energy that is not yours! Ronita will introduce you to the Earth Angel realms and help you discover why you are the way you are. Baird will then guide you in recognizing  energy drains in your life and guide you to easy steps to protect yourself as well as release these energy drains with ease.

This workshop will focus on:

  • Which type of Sensitive are you?
  • When and how energy is actually transferred
  • How to quickly release energy that isn’t yours
  • Re energize yourself quickly
  • Re-set your boundaries energetically!


Psychic Development: An Intro to your Sixth Sense

Learn to develop and enhance your psychic and intuitive abilities with Ronita Baird, PEI’s Medium and walk away with some amazing tools to help you live an intuitive daily life, make better decisions and happier choices!

This fascinating workshop explores how your intuition can guide and assist you.Ronita Baird will explain the difference between psychic, intuitive, and sixth sensory.

Ronita  will share her experience and techniques that have inspired her, so you can develop your intuitive senses. During this one-day long workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Explore and expand your inner power centres (Chakra System)
  • Identify how to interpret energy by seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing (The four clairs)
  • Use meditation as a tool for deepening the connection to your own inner-guidance
  • Incorporate exercises to practice your intuitive instincts
  • Enhance your own power of intention
  • Continue your own development from home

At the end of this workshop, you’ll walk away with some amazing tools to help you live an intuitive daily life and make better decisions and happier choices!


Half Day Workshops

Mediumship: Bridging Heaven and Earth

This half day workshop will focus on the following:

  • Mediumship to explore and connect with your soul’s eternal wisdom, spirit guides, and loved ones and friends who have passed over.
  • The four main ways spirit people communicate with us.
  • Grounding and expanding your energy.
  • Guided meditations to connect with the spirit world.
  • Living with a spiritual connection.

You’ll return home with a stronger connection to the spirit world, a fuller awareness that there is no death, and a deeper sense of how spirit works with you on a daily basis to bring forth light and healing to all who encounter you.


Manifesting With Archangel Michael Workshop


This half day workshop  focuses on working with the archangel Michael to:

  • Archangel Michael meditation to release negative patterns and beliefs about abundance
  • Daily affirmations to attract abundance, financial and otherwise into you and your family’s lives
  • Using crystals to attract abundance
  • Recognizing Divine signs toward your next step to increase abundance
  • Reset patterns to increase your personal abundance

Angel Card Workshop 

Do you own an angel card deck but are uncertain how to use them?

This half-day workshop focuses on learning to connect with the angels through the use of angel oracle cards to:

 Connect with the angels quickly and easily
 Clear and bless your oracle card deck
 Giving yourself and others clear and accurate messages
 How to focus questions for the most accurate response
 Oracle card spreads
 Ronita will ask the angels which angel deck suits you the best!





  • Spiritual Shock: Recovering From The Sudden & Unexpected by Ronita Baird. Discover angelically channeled tips to cope with the sudden and unexpected in our lives. Whether it be sudden loss or an unexpected life challenge, the angels give us the strategies that we need to cope, heal, and continue on our paths.
  • Psychic Fun & Games: tapping into your “sixth” sense by Ronita Baird Everyone is born with intuition. Ronita will teach you how to tap into your sixth sense with fun, interactive psychic exercises.
  • Messages From Spirit: What The Other Side Really Has To Say:                      What’s it like to be a medium? Who does Ronita talk to? How does she receive messages? What does the other side talk about? Ronita will share her experiences as a medium as well as her favorite messages that she’s channeled from the other side.