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Brand New Workshop 2018:

Clairvoyance and Aura Reading

Join PEI’s Medium, Ronita Baird for this engaging and uplifting workshop focusing on seeing the aura. Ronita will help you to connect with your inner seeing (clairvoyance). She will teach you which archangel helps you to develop clairvoyance, which crystals help expand the energy of your clairvoyance, and how to meditate to expand this energy center. Then, we will begin to experience the aura, what it is/isn’t, and how to recognize the color spectrum of the aura and the specific meaning and placement of the colors .

Through meditation exercises, you will learn to step out of your conscious brain center and connect with your highest self and intuitive side. You will learn how the aura shifts and changes and why. Ronita will guide you in simple exercises that you will take home and be able to continue to use in order to strengthen and grow your ability to see auras.
Limited seats!
This workshop will be capped at 8 people.
Cost: $125 (taxes included), mastercard/visa, e-transfer, paypal accepted at the time of registration.
To register, contact Ronita @

Lunch not provided

Holiday Inn Express
200 Capital Drive, Charlottetown

Saturday, May 26, 2018

9:30am – 3:30pm

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If interested in any of these, please contact us:

Email: or telephone: 902-838-5031


Level One Certification Course

Angel Communication

  • This interactive workshop will cover:
    • Who are the angels?
    • Introduction to the fifteen Archangels
    • The four ways that angels communicate
    • What blocks communicating with angels
    • How to clear and unblock that which blocks you
    • Meditative tools to increase your ability to communicate and receive healing
    • Fast and easy methods to connect with angels
    • How and when to call upon the angels to assist you
    • Questions for your angels
    • Angel Oracle Card use in angel communication

    Participants will receive a certificate: Angel Communication Level One with Ronita Baird, PEI’s Medium

Saturday, June 16,  2018 : 9:30am – 3:30pm

Holiday Inn Express, 200 Capital Drive

Charlottetown, PEI

Cost: $125, Pre-registration required.

Payment due upon registration.

E-transfer or mastercard/visa accepted.

To register, email: or phone: 902-838-5031

Angel Communication Level 2 and 3 offered in September and October, 2018 check below.

  • All Angel Communicators (Levels 1 – 3) have the option of joining a private facebook group for angel communicators for continued support and growth. This group continues to receive support and guidance on a regular basis. We try to meet as a group throughout the year to support each other in-person and practice our angel message skills.


6th Annual Halifax Spirit Expo


Saturday,  June 9: 10am – 6pm

Halifax Forum, 2901 Windsor St, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ronita Baird, PEI’s Medium will be offering messages from the angels, deceased loved ones, and angel card readings. Drop by my table and say hello!

Check out the eclectic display of alternative and holistic health practitioners and services. Admission includes various lectures.

Further details on website:

Facebook page:

Cost: $8; Children under 12 yrs free; students by donation


Public Lecture:

Connecting With Spirit: This Medium’s Experience

Tuesday, July 3, 2018: 7pm – 9pm

Sobeys Community Room

183 Main St, Shediac, NB E4P 2A5, Canada


PEI’s Medium, Ronita Baird, by invitation of Joanne Esser, Energy Artist, is excited to offer this FREE public lecture.

What does living with a spiritual connection really mean for the majority of people? Ronita Baird, PEI’s Medium will discuss how she learned to let go and fully engage in her life as a psychic, medium, and angel practitioner. Listen as Ronita describes both the challenges and joys of working with the world spirit, of energy, including connecting with angels, spirits, and the energy of the world around her. Ronita will also offer random audience messages from the angels and your deceased loved ones.
Ronita Baird, PEI’s Medium



Angel Communication Level 2

Full Day Workshop

Pre-requisite: Angel Communication level 1

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Holiday Inn Express, 200 Capital Drive, Charlottetown

9:30 am – 3:30 pm

  • Our day will begin with a quick review of Level One

All communicators will be expected to :

  1. Review the power point from Level 1
  2. Have read at least one of Doreen Virtue’s books
  3. Have attended at least one angel related workshop, lecture, and/or event
  4. Own an angel card deck.

This workshop will focus on:

  • Deepening your connection with each archangel.
  • (Archangels 101 by Doreen Virtue is recommended reading)
  • Lift any blocks and fears
  • Learning to open, use, and close down your clairs
  • Increase the clarity of messages for yourself and others
  • Unwritten rules of Channeling from the angels

Cost: $125, Pre-registration required.

This workshop will close to 8 participants.

Payment due upon registration. E-transfer or mastercard/visa accepted.

Email: or Phone: 902-838-5031


Angel Communication Level 3

Bringing your communication to the next level!

This third and final level will focus on:

  • Preparing Your Space/Tools/Self
  • Recognizing and Clearing negative energy/attachments
  • Healing and integrating all modalities of healing.
  • Mediumship (Talking to dead): What you need to know
  • Leaving your experiences out of your angel communications
  • Professional Do’s and Don’ts 

Pre-requisite: Angel Communication level 1 and 2

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Holiday Inn Express, 200 Capital Drive, Charlottetown

9:30 am – 3:30 pm

Cost: $125, Pre-registration required.

This workshop will cap at 10 participants.

Payment due upon registration. E-transfer or mastercard/visa accepted.

Email: or Phone: 902-838-5031


Workshop Testimonial:

“This morning I had a huge perfect heart in the middle of my windshield made from the condensation.  The rest of my windshield was clear.  I had asked God to send me angels to help me through a rough patch.   Without your recent workshop about signs from the angels, I wouldn’t have known what to make of the heart.”

Marie Crane, Cardigan, P.E.I.

“I was enlightened as well as intrigued, and left wanting to learn more.”

Lori Ann MacFarlane, Charlottetown, P.E.I


Workshop testimonial:  


“Attended a workshop by Ronita on developing intuition. It was great. Lots of practical advice that we can do everyday. She has fun, loving energy and shared her gifts so willingly. Thanks”

Teri Hall, Fortune, P.E.I.

Had a great time ! Very informative and I simply enjoy listening to your calming voice . Can’t wait to work with you again!

Tracy Rosa, Charlottetown, P.E.I.

*All events and workshops are non-refundable.